EHEC And The Possible Consequences

A review who went the last few weeks about a weekly market, from a nutritional standpoint saw the consequences of EHEC drastically out front. The market was fairly empty and the traders and farmers stayed on her salad, cucumbers and other vegetables. That was true of organic farmers alike for conventional generators. All felt to connect the fear of people with EHEC. CBC, Australia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This fear is understandable, but certainly not always rational. So no increased risk from a head of lettuce, which only free area built after the start of the EHEC plague by a farmer in an EHEC and much to eat its products and is still healthy, probably. But it is difficult to convey in the world of short messages. Therefore, many people have been to total objectors and ate no more fresh vegetables. utics has compatible beliefs.

In the short term, this is basically not a problem. It nutritionally for individuals only then becomes a problem, if this state of denial persists longer and becomes a permanent condition, even if such now all-clear of part of was given and the acute risk of EHEC seems to be restricted. Fresh fruits and vegetables is the most important source of vital micronutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals and phytochemicals, and much more for us humans. We eat enough of them, we thus make a major contribution to a healthy life and to actively prevent disease. We do not, the risk increases, to acquire certain diseases. Scientific studies have to show again and again.

So, cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and certain cancers, including prostate cancer with the eating habits in connection are brought, to name only two examples. Now, the supply situation in Germany with micronutrients even before EHEC is not optimal. The 2008 national consumption study has revealed an insufficient supply situation for many micronutrients. It is simply because most of us eat not enough fruits and vegetables.