Engine Fuel

What is the cylinder-piston group (CPG) 4-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE)? This is the most intense pair of friction. A ring (ring), perhaps the most important element influencing the performance of all engine. On the mobility and surface rings depend all the performance indicators of ice. But there is another side of the same efficient engine operation. Hardly anyone seriously thought that is why when used in as additives in fuel, or as sometimes written component of additives in the fuel, changes in fuel consumption. Almost all of the results of measurements of fuel consumption steadily confirm a decline of 10% or higher. Serious explanation this process in the published results is given.

We consider this issue carefully. With increasing path in the cpg motor increases the degree of wear. Accordingly, compression and falls in proportion to increases in fuel consumption. That's proportionately. This fact is undisputed.

And no one disputed. That's more confusion. Reason for the decline is attributable to all, not that that's really going on. Better fuel combustion is important. Indeed significantly increased throttle response. Nevertheless, the reasons for reducing consumption is not clear. And objectively studied. The reason is obvious in a few superficial analysis of the processes occurring in the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines. Certainly an analysis of all the phenomena described are strictly different thermodynamic relations that characterize the movement of the flame front, the velocity of the flame front and indicators more complete combustion fuel. The content of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (CH), nitrogen oxides (NOx) is equally important.