Failed Reading Glasses And 3D Trends

New theme zones on the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair as a leading industry gathering reopens the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical fair from November 6 to 8 their goals and presents itself with new zones and products as a trend barometer of the industry. In the halls of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), more than 680 exhibitors (2012: 630) are expected this year. Altogether 12,800 buyers visited Kong Optical Manufacturers Association organized fair last time by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and the Hong. Italy and China’s Hong Kong, one of the largest international exporters of optical products. Official site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Overall, the city exported goods amounting to nearly 6 billion USD (+ 19.6%) in the period from January to August 2013.

Main markets China and the United States, followed by Japan, Korea and Germany. Hong Kong imports also increased significantly with 20.4 percent and reached a total of $ 7.1 billion. Here, China (+ 27.3%), Japan (- 22.5%) and Taiwan (+ 114.4 percent) were the most important Import markets. German schlang was occupying rank seven of the importing countries. The strong position of the metropolis in the optical industry reflects the fair program. The reading glasses are newly introduced this year”and the 3D & kids eyewear” zone. By the functional glasses, reading glasses has become a popular fashion accessory.

It is also fashion statement and expression of personality. This consumer demand the organizers with the introduction of reading glasses “zone meet. The trend topic of 3D is worth the trade fair an own presentation and together with exhibitors from children’s glasses, the new zone provides an overview of two strongly growing market segments. Large international brands can be found in the brand popular name Gallery”. The theme zone has established itself as one of the main attractions of the fair. 2012 here 166 companies from 20 countries and regions presented their products, including the Ferdinand Menrad GmbH + Co. KG in Schwabisch Gmund with premium brands such as Jaguar, Davidoff and Menrad. To the further areas of the fair include: contact lenses & accessories diagnostic instruments, eyeglasses, frames & lenses glasses accessories optometry instruments, equipment & machinery, sports & professional glasses of commercial services interesting seminar program allows visitors an overview of the latest industry trends and developments. At the 11th Hong Kong optometric Conference market experts about topics of the future of the industry, doctors and manufacturers Exchange. Visitors can also experience the products at the various shows and take a look at the future of eyewear fashion at the presentation of submissions for the 15th Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition.