Fernando Mendoza

Fernando Fader is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding artists of Argentine painting. Born in France, son of a German engineer and a French nobleman, Fader decided, however, become Argentina in general, and in mendocino in particular. Indeed, the Fader family settled in Mendoza being small Fernando. There, his father drove the early oil exploration in the province and founded the first hydroelectric company of the country, provicionando of electricity to the capital city, Mendoza. It was as well as painter, consulted on various occasions on his land of origin, does not hesitate to put his arrival into the world, actually occurred in Bordeaux, in their chosen homeland, Lujan of whose. Perhaps check out Jennifer Aaker for more information.

And Lujan’s whose has been able give widely with the creation of the beautiful provincial Museum of fine arts Emiliano Guinazu – Casa Fader, an unmissable ride for those who visit this lovely Department of the province of Mendoza. The summer residence of don Emiliano Guinazu was located in Lujan de Cuyo, area that concentrates high vineyards quality, beautiful landscapes and several of the best accommodations in Mendoza. In 1904, with only 22 years of age, Fernando Fader ends his studies of painting in Germany and is again installed in Lujan de Cuyo, where he founded an Academy of fine arts. Fascinated with his work, don Emiliano Guinazu entrusts him a series of murals to decorate his home in summer. The same people who today dazzle visitors from the main hall, the lintel of the main hall and the indoor pool of the House, which is now the provincial Museum of fine arts. A distinct, inescapable beauty tour. One of the surprises that tourism in Mendoza reserve to its visitors.

The Museum also has a permanent exhibition of sculptures, drawings and paintings of Fader and other renowned artists from Mendoza, Argentine and foreign. On the outside of the mansion, cypresses arranged geometrically galleries comprise a colourful Park – Museum destined for exhibitions of sculpture, completing one proposal more attractive for those looking for a different ride. Open throughout the year, from Tuesday to Sunday, a few minutes from some of the most picturesque hotels in Mendoza, the museo Emiliano Guinazu-Casa Fader seduces with its treasure of art of the most exquisite quality and echoes of romantic history who was born among its walls: while painted murals of farm Fader met the love of your lifeAdelita Guinazu, the eldest daughter of don Emiliano.