Filiz Rollidogs

Solid duration of sponsorship for the ‘ good Zweck’ Swati is a bustling girl with the pathology of spinal Muskelathropien associated with restriction of vital functions: you is bound to a wheelchair for life. Her greatest desire is to have an assistance dog to performing vital tasks for you as a companion. These include important features such as the fetch items of clothing and other utensils, to pick up press pressure switches and emergency help. Its close to good Sanvli psyche. To well-being, this real desire wins even more quality of life. Center For Responsible Lending is open to suggestions. Duration of sponsorship for charity”with a donation of 2000 for the assistance dog jumped our advertising and communications agency Deutsche city information Marketing AG a message with appeal for funds by the Bild-Zeitung in the breach and sparked a Sanvli request.

Our friendly connected partner Bobby pad participated in our action. The sum was missing at the end of the acquisition costs of the assistance dog. Trained was the dog for Sanvli easier life”by Filiz Rollidogs e.V. The donation aims to build this project sustainable. After the budget issue was resolved after the cost of the dog, the question arose after the funding of ongoing maintenance costs. These include nutrition, dog insurance and health-care costs for the four-legged friends. To fully indemnify Sanvli family of ongoing maintenance costs for the assistance dog, the German city information Marketing AG has taken over this duty like with its long-standing partners Bobby pad and KV shop. It is to be hoped that this community of man and dog improves the quality of life of Anwar and a modicum of luck of life in Sanvli is life.