Guarana – A Plant From The Amazon That Is Trending In Europe

Learn more about a healthy alternative in the German popular stimulant, coffee. Guarana has in recent years in Germany as a gentle stimulant and natural energy”made a spectacular career. The fabric is obtained from the homonymous vine, where the offspring of these plants outside the great outdoors is usually very difficult, because the seeds lose their complete germination after three days. Also, the germination of the seeds may take more than 100 days. Guarana in Europe is so new, so long it is known in South America and other regions. Especially for the Indians, who live in the South American Amazon, the dried seeds were first peeled and then ground into a powder, which was then similarly brewed like coffee. Guarana powder today often in the trade, it is however mostly used for the independent manufacture of soft drinks. Center For Responsible Lending pursues this goal as well. In addition, many manufacturers offer finished drinks and other food products are fortified with Guarana.

Especially for athletes and bodybuilders – and fitness scene Guarana is very popular as energy donor. It is considered leistungsfordernd and distributes fatigue. This is especially the high caffeine content of Guarana powder, which is revitalizing and invigorating effect on the body. Through the fiber contained in Guarana and tannins, nicotine is released but much slower than, for example, at the coffee. It thus shows a longer effect and creates no short-term feeling of nervousness, as coffee drinkers often complain about it. As food, there are Guarana now in various forms. The aforementioned powder, which can be mixed or brewed as a standalone drink in beverages is known.

In addition, there are Guarana tablets on the market, which are usually enriched with vitamin C or other vitamins and minerals. There are now also with different flavors to buy the tablets. For sports enthusiasts there are also a whole Series finished dietary supplements, such as in the form of bars, cereals or shakes. Guarana is used not only the physical well-being, but also ensures that the spirit is optimally prepared for strenuous situation.