How Our Language Will Probably Evolve?

More and more children have language problems, especially guys can often not properly express themselves. To know more about this subject visit Boy Scouts of America. Is it just the children? German language, difficult language! It seems that this phrase gained notoriety. It was every fourth child, which showed a speech disorder, in the year 2000 it is today already every third – and that with increasing tendency. Up to the training, child language development should be completed as smoothly as possible to learn reading and writing. According to a recent survey, 38% of the five-year boys and 30% of five year old girls have a language problem. These numbers are alarming, not least because the child language development forms the basis for an optimal schooling. What children can not properly speak and listen, they are can not properly read and write.

Language disorders are extremely complex disorder images and are not only limited to the debate. Also vocabulary, language comprehension and concentration are often restricted. So, there are currently more and more “Zappelphillipp’s” and “Dream Williams”, which very often medication in Germany. In 2011, AOK plus insured children in Saxony and Thuringia were prescribed, for example, alone among the 1.1 tons of psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin. Child language development wants to be asked particularly in our day and age. Computer and TV last but not least are no interlocutors for children, because they can express any feelings and emotions or versprachlichen.

Even if they are not new, the principles for communicating with children will now prefer to forget. In our hectic society, help these simple rules to improve the child-like speech. So, one should not speak to children and never blame for mispronounced Word, or even punish. The infantile pronunciation mistakes should be accepted at ease. This happened a so-called fault consciousness in the child can develop at the worst and it has Speaking fears, therapeutically difficult fully to solved. Keep always eye contact during the conversation with the child and say it should be. Children want to feel valued as a full-fledged communications partner by adults. Therefore, dialogue should be conducted with children and no monologues. Children enjoy I-messages that can understand and comprehend. “If you put your feet in the aisle, I stumble slightly above, and fear that I might hurt me.” sounds not only for a child much better as: “You’re evil, because you asked me a leg!” Even children who can speak very well, should be encouraged of course. Finally, also strengths to be strengthened. Now, if children are already very far advanced in their development, want and need the children “Food for the mind”. Language is now no surefire! The promotion of the linguistic skills of our children is today more important than ever. Therefore, it is advised on possible ways and means to find out, to prepare children as best as possible on the future way of life. Educational games and information platforms form an important basis for parents here in addition to the therapeutic and medical care. Michael Rustler