How You Can Miss The End Of The World On The 21.12.2012!

How you can miss the end of the world on the 21.12.2012! With refund guarantee! How you can miss the end of the world on the 21.12.2012! With refund guarantee! It sounds actually quite simple: you need to change your view of the world! The philosopher Natalie just has in her book “The quantum leap of thought” (original title “think differently learn” 2008) described in detail, that analog should occur the discoveries of new physics to another form of thinking, to be able to deal with the change of the ecological, economic and social systems. Knapp has done in particular and outstanding way, in intellectual and philosophical words. A highly recommended book! To come to a changed perspective and thus personally to a different world image, there is an excitement, a movement also an emotional approach. The emotion is a psycho-physiological process that is triggered by the conscious or unconscious perception and interpretation of an object or a situation and physiological changes, specific cognitions, subjective sense experience, and a change in the willingness of behavior goes hand in hand (from Wikipedia). The Roman Joseph the way to will the Graal”by Wolfgang Wallner F. People such as Kidney Foundation would likely agree.

lead! If you are getting into it, the adventure experienced by Joseph here to a completely new view of the world will bring you. You will experience the world differently. And thus escape the end of the world with security at the 21.12.2012! And just in case the author guarantees, should the world still fall on the 21.12.2012, you get back the purchase price of the book! (By the way, for the print edition 17,60, for eBook output 7,94 euro). You can learn more here about the book: impressions from the book and the author’s world of thoughts you can also get free for the PC and mobile devices. The next time already from 4. 2, 2012, so timely. The free and non-binding provision will be repeated again and again. Ferdinand Niehammer