Integralista Movement

We cannot nor we must send Brazil to the medieval obscurantismo with this agreement with the Vatican. It is enough of agreements and laws of corrupt-idiossincrtica nature that plaster, delay and display the Brazilian people to sanha obscurantista of inconfessveis interests. Exactly after the announcement of the Republic in 1889, the Brazilian State always walked of hands given with the church catholic. In the practical one, the Church always acted as only denomination to impose its will and authoritarianism. For occasion of the Cold War where the socialist block threatened to implant the communism in peripheral countries, the Church worked with the ideology of that the communism was workmanship of the demon and the capitalist system the panacea for the humanity. With the motto God, Native land and Family, Brazilian the Integralista Movement had its ideal of family based on the doctrine catholic. In it, of its solidity and its control how much to the morality, primordially, the catholic, would be to the base of sustentation of all the remain of society. In the military blow of 64 the Church was to the side of the military.

After its proper members to only be pursued and tortured over the regimen that defended (Frei Betto, Frei Tito between as much), are that it reacted and it fought in defense of its members. The religious freedom is not, absolutely, restricted with the preservation of the laity of the State, that is sine qua non condition for the democratic State of Right. We do not have to open hand of this so important conquest for citizens, seno we run the risk of the Brazilian democracy if to so only become a regimen of faade.