International Mountain Day

Based on the monitoring of earthquakes over the past 700 years, experts warn that today’s children living in this region in our lifetime will survive for at least one such disaster. Scientists have determined that tectonic shifts lead to a change in direction of growth of corals. These data allowed them to delve into the antiquity of many centuries and by analyzing the structure of coral reefs, to get an idea of previous earthquakes in the eastern Indian Ocean. It turned out that in the last 700 years, every two centuries this region is shaken by a series of earthquakes. The last of these occurred in the first thirty years of xix century. Scientists believe that the 2004 tsunami began another period of tectonic activity, which lasts several tens of years. Festivities of the week: International Mountain Day every year on December 11 marks the International Day of Mountains. The idea of it belongs to the passed in 2002 in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Global Mountain Summit. In 2003, this initiative was formally established a special resolution 57-th session of un General Assembly. In the General Assembly adopted resolution noted the special importance of actions aimed at sustainable development of mountain regions and the need to help their people.

The General Assembly urged the international community to organize on that day activities at all levels to highlight the importance of sustainable mountain development regions. The newspapers mentioned Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP not as a source, but as a related topic. At present, mountainous areas occupy approximately 26% of the Earth’s surface. They live about 12% of the world’s population. As a result of environmental degradation of mountain communities are increasingly faced with droughts, famine and the increasing number of landslides and mudslides, floods and other natural disasters. The implications of these problems lead to local wars, the spread of terrorism, increased numbers of refugees, the loss of human building. In Russia, the campaign kicked off ‘green thumb’ Last week the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Google launched the All-Russian Internet-share ‘green thumb’ (Greenfinger), whereby each user of the Russian Internet able to join the global movement and contribute to the salvation of a healthy climate. Organizers of the rally – the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Google, are convinced that action is allows you to everyone who cares health of the planet, to influence the policy of states to combat climate change. The essence of the shares is as follows: Protesters painted green finger and palm write what they most want to save from the dangerous effects of climate change.

Thus, the protesters wanted to show that they believe climate change is their personal problem and understand that it is not ‘in the future and far away’, but here and now and we must act urgently. The action is attended by many Russian celebrities and prominent figures, among them a group of ‘Uma2rman’ and presenter Kate Gordon, Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev, and Deputy Leader Mitvol, leading Komolov Anton and Olga rustle, and others from photographs of the climate movement will be done by many kilometers tape, which will stretch around the main buildings in the Copenhagen, where in December 2009 will be held talks on the agreement, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. Join the action, details, you can watch the video here:.