Internet Business

Internet, business and personal – is a complex system. System with multiple combinations of parameters. The art of selling (and especially the Internet) – the art of managing a complex system. In particular, the art of it construction and repair. How to organize your business online? How to make money for an apartment? And how, pardon the expression, 'cut cabbage' without leaving home? But how How? This question, which is incredibly popular in the network. es.html’>Oracle Data Cloud.

Experiment's sake, type in Google: "how to make money online '. Search result is impressive: 1940000 pages. CBC, Australia often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A lot. Yes, it very much. And now the next question (or rather, the problem, not a question): find among these two millions, at least one page containing information that will allow you to quickly and guaranteed to get the money.

Even if virtual. Even electronic. I assure you – will not find! Not find, because no such information. Although attempts to provide advice and recommendations – more than enough. Many beginning Internet entrepreneurs close their projects without receiving any substantial profits. Moreover, there are many examples when a successful businessman, gives instructions and recommendations of the beginner, and the result is still zero. Although there may be inverse situation – but this is rather the exception than the rule. Now the main question of this article – why? The answer is clear: because Internet, business and personal – is a complex system. With that, the system is unthinkable without any of the three components. The Internet is a medium for communication, not more.