Joo Landmarks

This made with that the waters of Pira was directed for the tunnel of Tcos, with 8.5 kilometers of length. According to Luis Ascendino Dantas the Light, ' ' for a reason or purpose indenizao, paid to the state the amount of a thousand stories of kings, being the half in money and to another half in policies of the Popular Loan of the State of Rio De Janeiro ' ' . However, according to Dantas, ' ' cities affected for these workmanships, that were Joo Landmarks, River Claro and Pira, had not had any compensation financeira' '. The barrage of Tocos is in the region of River Clearly and the water was deviated for the tunnel for the stream bed of the old Tocos stream, in this city, until the city of Is Joo Landmarks. The GUAS OF DAM IF APRXIMA OF the CITY With the arrival of the company the upheavals to the marcossense population, therefore, to feed such plant were dammed and deviated the course of diverse rivers, as the River Pira and the Lages, forming the Dam Brook of the Lages.

To the few, even so in a relatively fast process, waters of dam had been if approached of They are Joo Landmarks and the destruction started to be felt for that they lived next to waters. Many agriculturists had lost its lands, its plantations with floodings caused for the advance of the dam. Thus the new guest of the region, the Light, started to be seen of another form, therefore, although to have benefited the city with the installation of the electric energy and with the available jobs, its action had started to harm Is Joo Landmarks and the rumors of the true intention of the company to circulate had passed it for the city. Over 1909 return, with the increase of subject to flooding and the insufficient conservation of the dam, the malaria if spread causing an epidemic that led resulted alarming for the city.