Kash Flo

The trademark is included in the package of intellectual resources organization, and as all intellectual property has its price. How to assess the value of a trademark? There are several ways to estimate the value of a trademark, the easiest – it's written business plan and based on financial calculations Kash Flo organization for five years (normally) summarize and obtain an approximate value of our trademark. If not, then we invite appraiser intellectual property and obtain qualified evaluation. Now, when we assessed the value of the trademark of our real estate agency, we led him to the balance of the organization, and just this deductible. As you correctly understood, is now mark starts to bring you the material gains, the money that you can easily implement in your wishes.

Next comes a trademark in your marketing campaign on your documents, at your offices. People know your trademark, but now let's remember that we have highly skilled professionals who provide your organization a favorable and positive responses. About your organization will immediately begin to blow word of mouth, Remember that if you're served a single client, he announced this on his six friends, and if you are poorly served customer, then he is telling the twelve familiar, it's statistics and gentlemen, and it has to be reckoned with. Registering a trademark will cost you twenty-five thousand, here will come in and specialist consultation, and the designer, and registration fees. Where will the registration cost, right in the investments that reduce the tax and we pay, quite legally, to twenty-five thousand rubles, less taxes.