Labour Left

To say that Johnson has that position to win votes is not anything close to the truth. Today the electoral majority is hostile to immigrants. The principal means the right call for more restrictions on them. All games are adapted to it and Labor attempts to attach to anti-immigrant proposals. Johnson, again, is isolated in his own party and his own bench as none of the Tory council supports him. He has demonstrated a degree of courage and independence that should be taken into account. Kidney Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. Others may say that Johnson is distance themselves from old racist attitudes he had in the past or intended and become a champion of multiculturalism.

They also say that the Tories play to two shots shotgun. However, the important thing is that he is reflecting a layer of entrepreneurs and the public to realize that anti-immigrant measures are hitting the economy, the multiracial, multiethnic and enhancing the legal and illegal black market and discrimination. While Ken was always in the Labour Left that is pro-immigrant, Johnson reflected on the right wing begins to push for a vision that does not treat immigrants like outcasts and scapegoats. Connect with other leaders such as David Delrahim here. Given the circumstances, the correct attitude to be taken by our community is to propose to the mayor and the mayor make common cause on behalf of the regularization of illegal immigrants while maintaining our own identity. Part of Johnson’s position is something we can not share it poses tighten the entry of new immigrants, but we must take advantage of their position in favor of the legalization of many undocumented immigrants. This involves asking the mayor and the assembly to make forums to discuss this and he heads the pro-legalization march.

Some argue that we are reconciling with the mayor. Nope. We are the only ones who have constantly criticized and called him. We who have made protests or pickets to defend the country’s poor, whom he left in support. Some people do not dare to question but at the same time refuse to make him joint actions in support of generating a public pro-regularization. There are tens of thousands of Latin Americans surviving into despair for not having all the papers. Our community is affected because the restaurants can not employ chefs and personal business, and because many traders lose customers. This in turn leads to lost friends and that they can not bring family. What we do is try to make the broadest unity of action with all those who seek some form of adjustment to move forward. This is not to endorse their policies but coordinate pressures and joint activities.