Lingerie And Lingerie – Not Only Whites

Germany is a largely unknown term types and materials of lingerie and lingerie lingerie. It means the same as lingerie and is common in many countries. What types of lingerie there is? What materials are they made mostly. A brief insight into the history of lingerie. Lingerie, Word originating from the French means the same as also French “Lingerie” today, but while the latter has a slightly wicked or erotic connotation, sounds lingerie pure, neutral and also much nicer than the German label lingerie or lingerie. Lingerie includes all kinds of lingerie, from the functional over the sports to the elegant and extravagant clothes, and also the lingerie.

All pieces of underwear be worn under the outer clothing directly on the skin. These clothes must be washed regularly because of the skin contact, and were therefore until the beginning of the 20th century almost made exclusively from white, unstained or bleached natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, which could be washed at high temperatures. Today is a wealth not only to different species but also on materials and colors to choose from. Different items of clothing are among the lingerie. Certainly, the panties, that exist depending on the form as jazz pants, Huftslip, String, Tanga and more models are the most common. The difference is in the cut and the amount of material used. For many women indispensable the bra is bra for support and shaping the breast, where according to the model of the breast can be visually resized, or for various sports extra protected against unwanted vibrations, short.

Vests also belong to the lingerie, as bodysuits, which can cover the entire body and take over not only the function of vest and pants, but also by the BRA. Leggings cover the legs, as well as the tights or Stockings, but without part of the foot. Corsets, corsets and Corselets, which support the hull forms are less common. In addition to the different styles, as white poppy stained, romantic with lace trims, plain, etc., there are also the functional underwear, where it arrives first and foremost on their functionality, although they in modern shapes and colours also occur. Its purpose is primarily to transport occurring during sports sweat from the skin surface, so that the athlete does not freeze away. Functional underwear is made from synthetic materials such as microfibre, in contrast to many other lingerie articles consisting of natural fibres, cotton or silk.