Little Veins

Often unappreciated – venous weakness is a dangerous disease, November 20, 2008 – venous weakness is still always not really taken seriously by those most affected. For assistance, try visiting BSA. Many see them as blemishes, others even as a freak of nature. But physicians warn rightly, just lightly to take this suffering, because official statements according to nearly every third adult German suffers concrete signs of venous weakness. So Lisa W. from N., where are the symptoms rather insidiously hired. “But suddenly the burning in his legs was then”, says the 42jahrige, first at the ankle and fibula, that looked like a map of the many red veins “. In fact, it was already too late for a prophylactic, but time for a therapeutic treatment.

Venous insufficiency are absolutely no medical bagatelle, but a serious disease with often dangerous side effects such as varicose veins and thrombosis. This includes an alarming number: in Germany would be over 50,000 Pulmonary embolism been avoided, when time had treated the venous disorders. It all starts innocently. Are, for example, the leg muscles too little stress or it sits too long, the blood accumulates, pushes against the walls of the vein and causes spider veins and varicose veins. A thrombosis occurs when coagulates the blood in the veins and formed a blood clot. It dissolves, it enters the bloodstream and can block the supply of organs with blood, especially in the brain and the heart.

In this way, it comes increasingly to fatal strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms. How can the symptoms of impending thrombosis you recognize? Sufferers report unanimously by unilateral pain and violent feelings of voltage at the ankle, lower leg or the whole leg. Accompanied by pulling and pain in the calf at the onset, also a formed strong warming, and particularly of the fibula bluish skin discoloration as the veins would burn. Of course, everyone can do something to prevent, regular exercise, cycling, swimming, skating and gymnastics, cold showers or Wade fonts, so that the circuit on their toes, to name just a few popular measures. But unfortunately, it’s too late in many cases, to stop or cure the disease in this way. The scientifically-based Mesotherapiemethode is a promising option for the sustainable treatment of venous insufficiency. A low-dose combination of vitamins, blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory – clotting substances, as well as a weak local anaesthetic is injected via tiny injections in the upper layer of the skin of the affected area. The active ingredient of directly to the diseased veins, is there active and releases at the same time the body’s healing substances. Thanks to this method, tried and tested for decades, there are virtually no side effects as stomach, colon, liver, kidneys, blood and heart not be burdened. The gentle applications by a specially trained doctor held in longer time intervals and be carried out according to the motto: Little and rarely in the right place. A treatment costs between 20,-and 40,-, and can be repeated any number of times. Experience has shown that the healing process is already after just a few sessions. All information about the method with doctor directory under or call 089-44717288. press contact: German society for Mesotherapy press / public relations Michael Schnickel E-Mail: Tel.