Marina Ambrosimovoy

Today is rare to find someone who does not know who this singer Maksim and at least partially not hear her songs. It is hard to imagine, but some few years ago about Marina Ambrosimovoy knew almost nobody, and she, an ordinary girl with streets, only making its first steps to become popular. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending. 'Everything in my life happened by itself' – Maksim confessed in an interview. In early childhood, Marina was engaged in a vocal mug and went to music school piano, which gave many future talents of young performers, and training of wrestling judo tzyutsu for which she received a red belt, even more hardened the already strong character singer. Home career singer Maksim began with his first solo album 'difficult age', which also came early productions girl, written as singles for radio.

Previously, the song 'Difficult Age' was already known in the teenage environment, and managers 'Gala Records', with which the artist signed, made a great impression of the fact that thousands of spectators sang on the dance festival in St. Petersburg, along with, apparently, unknown singer words to her songs. Since the fate of the singer Maksim was sealed, and every step inevitably led to the popularity of the girl. It was in her debut album includes songs of Maksim, who became a business card singer: 'Tenderness',' Centimetres breath ',' Do you know '. The girl reluctantly admitted that a long time to learn how to perform these songs in public because of the autobiographical texts. 'They all my sad experience, they are through suffering' – said performer in his interview for the site ''.

Surprisingly, these songs just managed to win the greatest popularity among fans. Maksim explains this fact is that they all come from the heart. After singer's debut album was met with enthusiasm, Maksim gives his first tour in Europe and makes a video for the song 'Wind to become. " As acknowledged by the marina, unusually lyrical 'Wind to become' received after meeting singer with the works of Anna and Marina Tsvetaeva. The girl acknowledged that draws inspiration from the work of the great poets during the creation of their new tracks, as Maksim – one of the few performers who independently composes words and music for his songs. Maksim clips are made as to the composition of the second album: 'My Paradise', 'I release', becoming, despite fears most singers are very well known on television. In same time, talent singer Maksim is brighter, and she hurries to conquer new heights. New album, recorded later, are experimental, where the singer is trying new styles of performance: folk, hip-hop, funk, remake song 'Tenderness', along with rapper Busta-style R & B. Also gained increasing popularity Maksim track 'Heaven, sleep', written in the hip-hop style with Legalize. But the girl herself admits that feels 'Pop' to the bone and has no plans to radically change. Maksim fans throughout Russia and abroad, organized fan club, Maksim, on any of the sites devoted to her creativity, fans can download songs Maksim, videos Clips and rejoice in the successes and achievements of the singer, along with millions of like-minded army.