Mario Diament President

How much hope the Americans and many people who inhabit this planet have deposited earth in Barack Obama, once he has won the Presidency of the United States and has generated some changes that will help rescue this country from the serious financial crisis facing, with a significant number of unemployed, where the Government is subsidizing them. Add to all this that it has already begun his travels outside its border, participating in recent them summits of G-20 in London, as in NATO in France. Participation that has favoured its acceptance in Europe, where his leadership achieved a considerable success of acceptance. In this regard very well Mario Diament says in the journal the nation from Buenos Aires, US President Barack Obama, it emerged victorious from the Summit of the G-20 in London. > can contribute to your knowledge. The world has been waiting a long time to an American President who admitted that the era of arrogance has reached its end, which pronounced sentences as I do not buy the idea that United States can no longer leading the world, but I think that we have to do so creating alliances, not dictating solutions. Perhaps a bit premature to believe, as the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, that the Washington consensus is dead.

The reference alludes to elaborate prescriptions by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in the late 1980s to help the Latin American countries to weather the economic crisis, and that ended up representing the definition of wild capitalism. But premature means not utopian, and what the 22 Presidents agreed to start the path towards a reform of the global economic system that can begin by diluting the American hegemonia for the benefit of a multipolar system, followed by regulating the movement of capitals and finish by replacing the dollar standard. Adds Diament, than anyone expected, in truth, the meeting concluded with a positive accent.