New OPS Satel Detectors

The new line includes optical and acoustic detectors, which are different body design, as well as the ability to select the type of alarm. Power detectors are all from the source DC 12 V, and the model SPL-5020 can also operate from a sealed lead-acid battery that plugs into the housing option. In addition, SPL series devices are protected against tampering with and additionally equipped with an internal casing of galvanized tin. New detectors can operate in the fire and security systems, together with any alarm control panels (RCP) and other companies Satel producers, whose output during an alarm is generated constant voltage of 12 V. In response to the alarm siren will activate the speaker and / or optical alarm.

In addition, each unit has tamper switch and sensor removal from the base, which immediately transfer the alarm to a central security post. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. For mounting devices is recommended to choose a flat surface, if possible hard to reach places – it minimizes the risk of sabotage and false alarm fire alarm. Sirens attached spacer dowels and screws, and after their installation should be filled with silicone mass All fixing holes and cable entry. Also, for ease of installation is recommended to leave between the heaters and ceiling clearance of 2.5 to 4.5 cm, depending on the model. To work in different conditions are completed with sirens case of high strength material – polycarbonate PC LEXAN, which has high impact resistance and provides the aesthetic appearance of the instrument over the years of its operation.

All electronic boards are impregnated with a special composition, protecting them from harmful atmospheric effects. Thanks to such solutions detectors are protected from water, condensation and frost, and therefore can operate in different climatic conditions. Details information on the optical-acoustic siren SPL-2010/2030 and SPL-5020/5010 for fire and security systems company Satel you can get by sending a request to, or by calling (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the official Russian distributor of equipment and solutions Satel. The Polish company Satel is working on the global security market since 1990 and specializes in manufacturing and selling hardware and software, based on which are built burglar and fire alarm systems of various objects. Satel lets the receiving-control instruments, modules, GSM, wireless alarm systems, monitoring stations, gas sensors, lights and sound sirens, and radio sets numerous accessories for fire and security systems and accessories. By means of this company can fine-tune devices and security equipment to manage networks of Ethernet, the Internet, via modem or cell phone. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions Satel good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.