New York City

Princess Giselle
Giselle (Amy Adams) lives happily in a vibrant world called Andalasia, where the animals are his companions. A related site: Center For Responsible Lending mentions similar findings. She sounds with her true love and it represents a statue that she built with the help of her chipmunk friend Pip and other forest animals happy. She sings about her kiss of true love, and Prince Edward (James Marsden), a handsome and brave prince, hears her voice in the woods while he was responsible for a troll. The troll went to where he was frightened Giselle, and this comes out, going up to the branch of a tree, the branch breaks and falls Giselle Prince but luckily just in time and rescued the trapped this evil troll. Giselle and Prince Edward undertake to marry, but her fate takes an unexpected turn in the day of his wedding, when his stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), throws her through a magic portal to a place where there is a “happily ever after” to keep his stepson single and thus remain queen.
But Giselle is plunged into the darkness of this new and strange world. An unforgiving world set in modern New York City. As the cruelty of this new place wears, the girl, wanders around the city where the divorce lawyer Robert Phillip (Patrick Dempsey) is found mounted on a poster with a picture of a castle. Giselle andalusia view gives a wrong step and falls from the poster, but fortunately the lawyer saves from certain death. Robert takes Giselle to his apartment as he believed that she (Giselle) was a bit crazy. invited to stay on in his department but he said he could only make one call and leave because he could not stop for a night of Giselle because she was a little nervous that something might happen to his beloved daughter Morgan, but in the end Giselle falls deeply asleep and stay asleep all night. Giselle the next morning and wake the whole house is a mess. Giselle starts singing when suddenly some animals go to where it is and start cleaning until everything is completely clean and shiny. Morgan (daughter of Robert) wakes up and is surprised to see Giselle with that amount of animals around them, which makes you wake up to his father (Robert) to find Giselle with rats and other vermin and also angry with because she made a dress with the curtains of his house. Nancy (Idina Menzel), who is engaged to Robert, arrives and enters the house, only to find Giselle with her fianc at that time was emerging from the shower, what makes you think the worst and be all mad. Robert takes Giselle to his office and asks his secretary to please find out where it came from Giselle, which is not known. Giselle begins to mourn when the client discovers that Robert and his wife are to divorce, causing Robert to an angry reprimand. Robert and Giselle are going out to .
The home of Robert Philip
And finished his patience, Robert gives Giselle some money and tells him to find a way to find your prince, but Giselle promptly gives the money to a poor old woman, which makes Robert shake his head with grief . Robert was shocked when Giselle tells him that she and Edward had only agreed to marry known only one day, while Nancy and took five years to know. She begins to sing and began a spontaneous musical number with everyone in the park while Robert protests that he never sings or dances. Giselle has just sent a wreath of flowers as an apology to Nancy Robert along with tickets for the dance of the king and queen. Nancy promptly accepts.
Meanwhile, the henchman of Nathaniel Queen Narissa, is the real world after Edward and Pip, who have traveled to rescue Giselle. Nathaniel and Edward stay together in a motel, but the Prince’s evil intentions known to his companions. Nathaniel will give Giselle a poisoned apple, while Pip, unable to speak in this world, tries to warn the Prince’s intentions Narissa. Nathaniel tries to poison Giselle twice,only to be stopped by Pip, Narissa enraged. Giselle is another night in the apartment of Robert and read a book on famous women such as Marie Curie and Rosa Parks, who had given to Robert Morgan as a gift. Robert said he would help him because he does not believe Edward will come to look. Giselle gets angry with Robert and tells him this angry. Both look at each other for a moment and come close enough to kiss.
Prince Edward
Giselle and Edward are the next morning, she suggests going to the Kings and Queens Ball that night, and Edward agrees. Giselle and Morgan go shopping with credit card to buy Robert leading the perfect dress to dance Giselle.
Nancy and Robert dance together and have costumes in the style of the eighteenth century.