Passion Run

When behind have experience in running training sessions, even after a long break there are no problems with their renewal Because there is a knowledge You just know at a subconscious level, how and what to do. Beginner can also get on their own traps, which he has no idea These are just the most important Trap 1. Actually for what the whole idea Many are beginning to run and quite know why. The result in this case would be frail, or it never will Trap 2. There is no plan for occupation. Without a plan and schedule workouts can monitor their progress. You will not remember how you ran last time and how much you need to run today Trap 3. Workout ignored. What happens if you do not conduct technical inspection of the aircraft before each flight? That’s right – he ever crashing to the ground The same thing can happen to those who have never been warming up before the race. Injuries to the dangerous and slow progress Trap 4. Excitement. A typical mistake. At this very “dog eat” Passion is sufficient only for one workout. Excitement slowly burns your desire to run and nullifies Trap 5. Smoking is not desirable. Smoke? No matter how much you do not smoke – even one cigarette a day could hit your heart Conclusions.

1. You need to know what begins to run. Decide it for yourself. Put a clear goal for yourself Ask yourself: “What I need a run? “strengthen the heart after myocardial infarction? Lose weight? Become resilient? For what exactly What is the end result you want? Write it down on paper if you want, but it is best to write on a large a poster and hang it in front of his bed 😉 Mentally tune in and visualize your future result 2. Keep a diary and write in everything connected with your workouts, up to the well-being. This will help control the load, because all the data you will be in full view. 3. Not even discussed – workout 100% is required before a run. It generally refers to any physical exertion. One minute of prevention is worth an hour of treatment “4. Here the Board simply: “Quiet running away – will soon a healthy 5. Nicotine contained in tobacco smoke constricts blood vessels. From this conclusion – the body’s need for oxygen increases. In addition, the body needs much more amount of vitamins and nutrients. During exercise also increases oxygen demand The load on the heart in this case simply colossal. Not every heart is a bear. Briefly: Running and cigarettes do not like each other. These things are not compatible bypass this trap side, you’ll be comfortable and feel confident, but progress does not take long.