Psychological Interview

While technique, the interview has its empirical prpriosprocedimentos through which it is not only extended and if it verifies, but, also, simultaneously, it absorbs the available scientific knowledge. Learn more about this with Gavin Baker. The interviewer, in its paper of technician, do not have exporsuas reactions and nor its history of life. The interviewed one must be received with cordialidade, and not deformed efusiva. The therapeutical relation must be faced with data of anliseda interview, not if it must act ahead of the rejection, envies or any outrosentimento of the customer. The attitudes of this do not have to be ' ' domadas' ' or overwhelmd, one is not about wanting to win and nor if to impose before the same.

Competeao interviewer to inquire as these attitudes functions and they affect as it. So that the instrument Psychological Interview, in fact, seefetive as to assist in the work of the psychologist, is not sufficient a suacompreenso or theoretical domain and technician whom practical its bases and guides, but also of experiences that they are acquired through period of training, supervision; seminaries and workshops. She is necessary to develop sensitivity to interview, to learn to be emptico, to know to deal with the proper subjectivity and asubjetividade of the other (customer), facilitating as soon as its universe, one tantolivre of ' ' ameaas' ' , if it discloses. The interview is initial or inside of the process it is oinstrumento through which customer and psychotherapist find one linguagemcomum, a common feeling and a common vision of the world. It does not aim at to change, to transform the customer, is, before, the customer if auto-disclosing, if reconhecendocomo person and if guiding in the direction of being and being in the world of a maneiraharmoniosa between its aspirations and its personal power. The necessary psychotherapist to acquire to the ability of ' ' dissociao instrumental' ' , and to be capable to adentrar this universe, without devalor judgment, without preconception, so that thus it can be with the customer, to know, to notemer, if to lose and if to find e, finally, to come back to the reality of the context. deposse of its luggage technique to weave its comments, balances econsideraes, in axiomatic way, considered that the utopia of neutralidadesempre will have to be pursued. The ethical principles will be avivados in cadaencontro, and no instrument will be able to acquire a sobreo conception of prevalence customer, who is more important and thus she must be respected. In this onslaught, it is basic that the professional se' ' conhea' ' , and that it makes of routine the reflections on its attitudes, position ecomportamento, as well as of that it also has flexibility in reformulating them, when necessary. Much of the work of the psychologist certainly comes emconseqncia of auto ' ' mergulho' ' that it will give the base to it in which if they apiam to the suaatuao and intervention with all transparency.