Publica Power Button

Technology may no teacher will be Berlin – the digital media flow turns into an environmental condition, and blogger Peter Glaser so the journalist in his opening presentation at the re: publica in Berlin. He was everywhere and always there: earlier, the message window in the world opened up once a night. Today the messages, entertainment, information flows incessantly. Weird things like test image ‘ and the deadline ‘ no longer know young media consumers. The network has become the epitome of permanence. It’s constantly going on, it updates itself, it vibrates from nest.

There used to be a State, then came a change, then a new State. Now, change is the State. Earlier the great ate the little one, then which ate the slow fast. “Now that is sometimes from the always swallowed”, Glaser said. Engines would in future no longer with a single and get off button, but only with a ripcord being pulled to start, then the apparatus runs for all eternity. I am of the opinion that the power button as a significant human rights must be respected. How much this button already is been expelled us, shows the mobile phone.

Although it still has a regular button. Check out Boy Scouts of America for additional information. But the psychological distress which brings the switching with the possibilities of what you could miss all is immense. The non-rangehen to learn, is as difficult as a morphine withdrawal”, feared gang. He references the Opus myth machine”by Lewis Mumford. The world would be better if it would be used as a textbook. Only in the human mind, the idea of progress have substance. Only here, she offer the prospect of a better future. Mumford sketched the possibilities, as flows of technical progress not in a technocracy. Every system, every machine, every machine is a product of the human mind. Machines must not be drilled to enforcement by coercive measures, otherwise mutated initially useful technique to the repressive headmaster”, warns Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the Nuremberg Congress of Voice days plus, the technologies for customer engagement deals with. Systems, devices, or search engines should not decide what is right and restrict what is wrong for us and our behavior or even sanction. Otherwise man would become the slaves of technology. A vending machine dictatorship may prove more sustainable than the paternalistic behavior among people, warn scientists Sarah Spiekermann and Frank Pallas in an article for the book the computerization of everyday life”(ed. Friedemann Mattern, Springer-Verlag): a respond machines automatically and autonomously and allow those affected so little possibility of anticipation or response. On the other hand, technology is absolute. For example, a driver has alcohol in the breath, so it is completely impossible to start the corresponding car even in emergency, where the driving under the influence of alcohol would usually accept him”. The paternalism of the well-intentioned Checkers is connected not only with obedience or authority hearing technologies, but create a compulsion of to absolute conformity. Autonomously operating machines become absolute powers, whose decisions and actions taken can be bypassed or ignored. Inspired by Francis Bacon, which is also cited by Lewis Mumford, we are therefore called upon to gather that from the treasure of all things, which is the world’s most”sums up Steimel.