Dance is the most beautiful expressions of man and one of the most sensitive disciplines of art. It comes from the beginnings of human beings as part of their rituals and ceremonies divine and understand an environment in which it is expressed both in their feelings and needs to say something and a search. First as an offering to their gods and celebracionn of events in early life, dance has always reflecting what happens to a man as a being within an area, whether tribal, village, city, country, continent, era, etc. their customs within a group of people is the dance is culture of groups of people. But it is also a time (as mentioned to the top of this text) and so, perchance a discipline of art, the reflection and mirror of what happens to the spiritual inner world and every human being. Expressing and releasing feelings of every body with the Movement-FoE. The dance is always in all periods of the evolution of human history, from Antiquity as mentioned, when old, average time, contemporary time until today, living wing par with the changes this man dance with him and of course also taking a number of changes in herself. Since the Greeks are the first signs of dance as an enjoyment and enjoyment to watch, the first dancers to put it in some way in the late Middle Ages with King Louis XV is placed on the highest point of the entire Ballet (originating in the Renaissance in Italy) this fact is left with a throne for ballet how to dance more beautiful and imperative for a few centuries, a place that was changing over time, but until now, and recognize the other dances ballet as the basis for all dances, and was born from so much beauty in the contemporary era forma and as a closer and more real than it happens to man expresano contemporary dance and the more the reality of life than that offered ballet. We must not ignore not forget that in these events cough and time other dances emerge as important as mentioned jazz, hip-hop, break dance, salsa, merengue, tap, tango, etc. The dance for the man is a gift, in seeking expression and release, you always want to dance and is one of the forms of enjoyment and happiness more enjoyable along with being a reflection of our history of mankind. To understand more about how to nueas friends, we invite you to visit this page: