Throughout the history of mankind we have always observed the man’s dominion over man manifested in various ways, for example to see how power is exercised through the use of force, and many believe in the power of dominance through weapons, handling or fear to achieve certain purposesthe use of this type of power is not efficient because it generates chaos and resentment, there is one much greater power to which we can see behind the weapons and is the power to the inside of the man, we are able to magnificent spiritual beings transform all our own universe, but to achieve that power manifests our whole being must be in complete harmony with the creative forces of the universeWe feel peace, love, joy and harmony at all times, you must put aside selfishness and entering a new era without limits, perhaps we see many problems in the material plane but that happens because we let ourselves be guided by the earthly illusion, have been implanted us misconceptions about our own freedom and power. We have seen so many miracles and feats of many men and women who succeeded in changing the world through love, an idea that it helped to have a world better, we read the history of the Saints and we believe that there are many things that they were mere coincidences or only those people could perform some miracles. PCRM will not settle for partial explanations. The truth is that our power is unlimited, we are made in the image and likeness of God universal, only that we have come to an earthly journey with certain characteristics and emotions that perceive our senses and many times we forget our true essence, through the practice of silence, meditation, prayer and contemplation we can remember our spiritual essence, it is necessary to forget for a few moments the day of our carnal part and enter the tuning of the infinite power of God, there is our power, where we concentrate efforts to our own spiritual being we can perform great earthly works, but we must forget our ego, or the approval of others, the fear, of continually thinking about how to dominate others or thoughts of scarcity. Finally everything is a subconscious belief system, it will look at the people who believe in violence, those who believe in the love and abundance also will be your experience of life; why we see such different lives but we all have the opportunity to change, the time has come to open our hearts and our thoughts to true freedom, love, hope, life in abundance, forgiveness, peace, health and happiness and all desire that each person has, life is a wonderful journey, make worth every minute..