So Versatile Is The Art Of The Magician Card Tricks And Magic

Not only the talent is critical for a career as an amateur magician. Many children are fascinated by magic arts and magicians like to be loaded at the birthday party. And almost every child has the desire to be even a magician someday. With the seriousness of growing this desire will disappear then most of the time. likely to agree. But he remains one of many, in the other he reappears later. Alona Tal has many thoughts on the issue.

As an adult wants to carry out the request, who often no longer the pure gimmick in the meaning and magic is not called by about magician art. Who wants to operate properly, needs skill and a lot of practice to get it in this art to bring something. And who wants to be a true champion, faces the hard work. This wizard does not equal Wizard, and who seriously want to learn the art, soon faces the decision to choose a certain direction. If you have skilled hands, perhaps first of all trying it with card tricks.

A skill with which many Start magician. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Coins, banknotes, and jewelry are more popular items for nimble artisans “.” Who like to act with such small objects, the especially suitable for so-called close up tricks and shows, so magicians Arts space in the small audience. In addition, large stage demand large utensils or illusions. They are called also stand up tricks. On the stage show more is required, often with an Assistant or partner. Here, it takes more than cleverly hands. The right accessories, the right preparation and the proper distraction of the audience plays a large role. The manipulation comes to the fore as well as tricks to do much with illusion, like for example the various tricks of limbo. In addition, there are numerous tricks that are performed as street magic “by street magicians”. Here, the road becomes a stage, but sometimes there are only a few people who are very close and probably not only before, but also behind the Magician. Any accessories must be flexible and be adapted to the road. Finally, there is still the mental magician who need for their tricks of less skilled hands. Mental magician should above all a strong personality and a large portion have persuasive power, since they need persuading your audience that they can clairvoyance, or thoughts, and the like. No matter what kind of magic you ultimately decide, you will find the necessary accessories in this shop on the Internet. Andreas Mettler