But the happiness announced in the posmodernidad does not arrive and everything it saturates of advisors, of manuals of self-help, ingenuous utopias that grow in the middle of a progressive social descertificacin. And then the religious dogmas rearm and return to emerge like substitutes of the convictions left for the collective reason, that it is perceived buried between the pages of an unfinished history, because the old social conflict of classes, that one that inspired and animated to the excluded majorities, has become a global conflict that it tries to explain all the resistance. For more information see Kidney Foundation. The conflict in the societies depoliticized transmuting itself in a personal subject aupado after the victory of narcisista I. The unions, the social agencies of volunteers, agencies and the institutionalized groups of social pressure, have assumed a strategy of containment of the social conflict, less and less politicized and more armored in their reading and possible alternatives of real change of articles of incorporation. But the social malaise is transformed into a conflict that leaves victims.

Many wait in the long list of the centers of mental health, in the offices deprived of psychologists, in the social services or pure and hard unemployment. They are those that survive, the consumers of anti ansiolticos, that have somatizado the hardness of a life without networks of protection in the social fibromialgia of our days. And he is that the personal biographies have depoliticized, the suffering DES-has socialized itself and one has become an absolutely private problem, where psiquiatrizado the individual and asistencializado, are advised by social psychiatrists, judges and assistants, the professional triunvirato of the social containment that responds to the welfare sodomizacin of a new fight of classes: Between adapted submissive from the posmodernidad and those that no, acrtica reading where the social malaise loses political meaning and this one is standardized and it returns to the asset of a business association, now like private malaise arises. The privatization of the social conflict is determined by certain positions before the own conflict, that basically summarize the relational models with the own one to occur daily, its problems and the form to transfer responsibilities between historical-political subjects and the institutions.