The Four Sides Of A Message

Four sides model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun the four pages of a message determines they have wondered why not understand in all over the world the other? If their wife/husband in the sense comes to them at this moment, they have found ever a challenge where they can work. What causes more anger and resentment as a poorly managed communication? Not to mention the consequences. At this point, I would like to present them the four sides model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun. This says that that each message is four pages composed of: matter layer / matter content: this refers to data, facts, and facts. The listener checks the statements of the message through his kind ear and classified them accordingly in true or but untrue. Self-disclosure: As player of one’s own life is revealed not only by what they say but also as you say it ‘.

The voice, body language, the current Constitution, the look, the smell, in addition as it is has dressed the Environment, and many other factors. Like a certain message over much not getting away can you partially control, but also. We speak each of conscious or unconscious self revelation/self representation. Relationship level: On the basis of the relationship of between two people with each other certain conclusions come alone as a result. Two each other Act hostile people differently with each other as two friends logically. Nevertheless, any relationship to the target should be aligned to be benevolent. Alone, indeed been a not so good relationship for the better can be used. Appeal: Whether we like it or not, but with each message also appeal to those aims.

Sometimes this is not something very innocuous such as, for example, the comment on an exposed food spinach as I like. The other like spinach, and the discrepancy is already here. The afterlife in which ear something first comes in, so that means that the matter layer, self-revealing, relationship level or but appeal ear, and already a reaction takes place which then positively or but negative can fail. u0085 As you can see, communication basically is something very complex, or also something very simple. When something is added as the empathy. This allows others namely the to enter and to see things from his point of view. Namely, only real communication is possible. But how is empathy to learn? Basically speaking, it is not to learn, but everyone has been this ability. It is but with each communication to remember again and again on this one point or to include it in the communication. By the way: there are tools to like sand on the sea such as, for example, active listening. Still is and remains there learn whatever exercise thing and another repeatedly with each guided communication. Because error-free communication is simply not possible, but there’s such thing as a consistency already. You can see this not only in the so-called communication artists, but also with partnerships that endure many years. Such people are simply to admire. Not more no, there no dispute in such a relationship, but it is always like a very constructive communication. And the onlookers feel it quite. Good communication can be learned. But it must always be the own insight from mistakes to learn with the aim to make it even better the next time. Good communication and enjoyment in dealing with others wishes you Walter Glaser free cards PS: If you liked this article, it would be happy to evaluate it. Thank you.