Parking Sensor

One of the most important issues that concern most of the countries and cities, is security. With each passing day an increasing number of cars, and, consequently, traffic jams, which can stand for hours. Every year in Russia, result of accidents, leaving the thousands of lives and tens of thousands more are injured varying severity. The reasons vary, but basically, everything is the fault of drivers who are behind the wheel talking on the phone, thus greatly distracted, and can generally drive drunk. Many manufacturers of accessories for cars trying to attach great importance to security. Created a variety of devices that help the driver better control process away. The most popular is the invention of automobile rear-view camera that allows the driver to make more extensive review. Often you can see a car with a broken bumper or none at all, but also with broken headlights.

Remember that the car repairs will cost you far more than the camera, because it costs no more than 7000 rubles. Ideal choice would be the acquisition of the camera than an unplanned trip to the car wash, the more it will cost more. Besides the camera there is another device called a transducer for parking cars. It measures the length of an obstacle and when it reaches the minimum limit, the device sends a signal that that should stop. There are four types of parking sensors. If you specify this device with two, four, six, and with eight sensors. The price of such devices, an average of five thousand. We have complete the review of the two devices that enhance security while driving.

Specifically, it is a special rear-view camera, then there is some replacement mirrors, as well as parking sensor. Putting both of these inventions or only one of them is up to you. You can do without, and a special sensor, but only if you have a quality camera. Do not forget that saving money on devices that enhance security, you are putting at risk life and health are not only themselves but also strangers.

Traffic Police Inspector

And in the mud and snow, and hail of bullets. Law enforcement agencies in the south, much different from other Russian regions. Once considered the gateway to the Caucasus, Rostov-on-Don, but after the division of the South Federal district in two, and removing from its membership of the North Caucasus region, the Caucasus became a capital of Pyatigorsk. But by and large, the situation will in the Southern District has not changed. And as before, the only way federal to the Caucasus remained the M4, which passes through all the Rostov region, and the main railway junction and left Rostov-on-Don. Working traffic police officers on federal highways has always been high danger.

On the main roads are always a huge amount of crime taking place, robberies, hijackings and assassinations, not for nothing that the people there is the concept of "thugs with big road." A restlessness in the North region, although we and they say that the situation is under control, law enforcement officers must not be easy. So on the federal highway Rostov region, gosavtoinspektoram constantly have to deal with illegal transportation of weapons, drugs, and it follows from the specifics of contraband, interdiction of shipments, is not without the use of firearms, and often the victims of the traffic police inspector. Work traffic police officers are always on the verge of high-risk and danger. In addition to dangerous criminals, which may be encountered in performance of duty, sometimes ordinary citizens, carrying a small administrative violation of road traffic and in order to evade responsibility will do anything to avoid it.


Securing the drive must be in one piece and not be of a variety of parts and concepts. BMW cars, and security is practically a whole suitable for a driver. And there should be such that when a maximum security, then those characteristics are low. It is understandable that you first need to avoid an accident. In particular, so plant AG is actively engaged in both active safety and passive, and of Of course the protection of the car.

The most perfect, is when these three universal criterion for work on an overwhelming level. And to avoid any questions about the criteria and indicators, see their descriptions. Active – prevent Accident those characteristics. That give you easy control of car. Passive is the type of airbags, safety and well car – measures aimed at as possible to facilitate repair of the vehicle when Accident. The company undertakes bmw proschityvat all three major criteria, and based on these plans car car. BMW is different in that is trying to protect not just sitting behind the wheel, but also by passing a pedestrian. That is why appearance of the cars made in the rounded forms of vehicle systems, bumpers, and glass that can be easily discarded ago.

But most important are safety belts, but people ignore them pochastu. Well, I think one in five likely thought, so as to secure a child. Our little passengers want special attention. Some believe that if the car is strong is the key to their safety, they are mistaken. Take the example of the strong tank, if it is about 50 km / h crash into a brick wall then the passengers who were sitting in the tank is not very good, possibly flying to the outcome. That's why the safest is that body deformed in certain areas, thereby killing the energy of the collision. As for the beauty of the car is virtually in many eyes diverge at the sight of a beautiful new BMW floats on the road. And I think most frequently happened, for example, saw cars and decide that it's made for some reason to me. Immediately the question arises, why all this is about bmw? Because series BMW were among the first, and will remain at the same level. This site has been created especially for those who follow the life of the BMW. This is where you look at a lot of amazing photos of models. Read about the chronological series of models and cars bmw detailed illustrations to them. And believe in the word you will not regret that drew attention to the colorful content and see all that as it relates to the unmatched brand BMW!