Cosmetica Reduction

Smooth, velvety and long-lasting hair-free skin with sugar paste and active enzymes as the 7.09 2011 and 18.09.2011 to the Cosmetica in Wiesbaden will be back to see is the company danlab ltd. -skinarchitect continues on course for success. Add to your understanding with tcoyd. A neat outfit gives male and female self-esteem and self confidence. The EpilDerm-sugar paste is a gentle solution. For more than 25 years, danlab provides ltd. -skinarchitect under sterile conditions, immune globulin products and enzymes with intact organic activity here. The EpilDerm system to the long-lasting reduction in hair growth is in many cosmetic institutes all over Europe in use since 2005. See hair growth reduction videos.html on the simple and straightforward application or ask an authorized beautician.

Beauty salons, which offer this gentle way of reducing hair growth, see. For the benefit of the trade fair hand & nails she had suspended two years COSMETICA Wiesbaden. By popular demand of the visitors and exhibitors, it comes now with new Concept back and all industry segments by hand, nail and hair cosmetics brings together again. More info and contact: COSMETICA Wiesbaden in favour of hand & nails had suspended for two years the COSMETICA Wiesbaden. On request of visitors and exhibitors, she comes back now with the revised concept and again brings together all industry segments of nail, cosmetics, hand and foot. Further information and contact: detailed and further information on the topic of “Hair reduction” directly from the manufacturer or on its Web pages. Contact: danlab ltd. -skinarchitect Olav Friis Schlossstrasse 14 b 82031 Grunwald phone: + 49 (0) 89 70 05 87 66 fax: + 49 (0) 89 70 05 87 05 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: LKS Wolfgang Lorenz

Freshlook Colorblends Lenses

Freshlook Dimensions? Single lens design makes your eyes appear not only brighter but also creates the impression of depth and dimension. If you feel adventurous and want a dramatic change, go for opaque lenses: Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque Freshlook Colorblends If this is your first time with color contact lenses and you are not sure what effect you want, start with a magnifying lens. r, New York City. In this way you will find your friends that you look more attractive, but probably not will realize what it is that attracts your attention. Color contact lenses for dark eyes If you have very dark eyes and tried color contact lenses several years ago probably were not very impressed with the effect. Contacts of the previous generation does not seem right. has much to offer in this field. However, recently developed color lenses like Freshlook Colorblends can do wonders for dark eyes. Under most conditions Kidney Foundation would agree.

One thing to remember, however, is that enhancers do not work on brown eyes, so their only option is opaque contact lenses. Acuvue 2 Colors opaque, Freshlook Colorblends work best for dark eyes. Also be careful when selecting the color. It should be a color that looks good with your skin and hair. See the suggestions and photos.

If you want to make your eyes appear brighter and more vivid, without changing its color, go for the lenses of brown or hazel. So your eyes do not see a different color, but people will realize they are bright and vivid. Contacts opaque color work very well. The only thing I can do for you is make your eyes light.

Nail Art With Konad Stamping

Konad stamping has like clean and elegantly decorated fingernails, which make simple yet beautiful hands in application for women at home. Only always equal to a nail designer run? Can this make because not every woman alone at home? Should this be really so difficult? Of course, not every woman must immediately go to a nail designer and it’s not even hard! Also it does not always mean that means beautiful equally expensive. The Konad stamping is the solution for your nails. Such set consists mostly of different nail polishes and some templates. With this set you get beautiful nails in just 30 seconds.

Of course belong in such a set of also the scraper and a stamp. Properly to the application to get the Konad stamping, it is best if you use a bright base color. An even better solution would be it but if you use a light color and a dark stamping paint. With the variety of design possibilities can much of the nail design techniques delimit. That the Konad stamping matching templates to you for good care often used. Under most conditions Gavin Baker would agree.

What is because of motives templates possible on such motifs stamping? To get these templates, in the various versions. You can customize your fingernails of itself every season with the numerous Konad stamping stencils. On the templates, patterns are like animals, hearts, flowers, vines or even butterflies, flying heart and also points. But that’s not all! You can access these Konad stamping stencils also stripes, laces, Konad find characters but also Chinese characters. Even at Christmas time, they have matching finger nails because you can conjure up Christmas with the Konad stamping itself on your nails. But how does it actually work the Konad stamping? No, it’s not hard with Konad stamping! Paint your nails with a nail polish of your choice and let it dry. In the time in the dry your nails, you are a Yes ever matching Choose the nail polish. Your are now dry so you can take the Konad stamping template and put it on your nail. Now comes the other nail polish that you have selected in the game. Carefully swab excess paint and now fill the motif on the template you have chosen carefully with the paint. Slowly take the template from your nail and allow a few seconds to dry him. Now you can be about your with the Konad self-designed nails happy stamping set and also at any time change these. Just try it and make your own fingernails.

Celebration Dresses

Dresses of celebration are delicate objects and expensive, often the clothes that you have bought are which that you want to do all the possible one to take care of it. There are a series of advice and tricks to assure that its dress of celebration stays in the best possible conditions. Thus, I will offer as much proposal of forecast and effort to them that you can take the best care from his dress before, during and after his banquet. Before its banquet Before the banquet it must take measures to prevent the wrinkles or damages happened to its dress. More prestigious retailers of dance to dress will offer bags for their dresses celebration 2012. If he does not have, you can in line buy bags of clothes of the supermarkets and many retailers. First of all, to hang its suit within a clothes stock market. You will have to hang in some sufficiently high place so that the skirt is not in contact with the enemy with the ground.

The place where clothes are hung ideally must be a closed space, like a closet. You must be sure that the place that you choose to hang his dresses celebration 2012 is not humid and no they are exposed to the baking scents (for example, scents). You can have the temptation to prove his dress in often, but she must resist this situation for two reasons. First of all, celebration dresses are very delicate elements and more times to put themselves and to take off, there is major risk of which the dresses will lose their light. Secondly, while more time has the dress in its stock market of clothes, by greater opportunity the dress will be damaged by a tear or spills. Thirdly, if you have used his dress often, next, by the time of the banquet or celebration she does not feel so special with this dress of celebration.

The Face

Corrector is placed in the eye and the grains may be visible at the time. DAB in the spell and let it dry for a few seconds and begin to mix thoroughly into your skin to make it look as natural as possible. If necessary, apply a little foundation for further merging. We will fully absorb the spell before moving to the next step. Click Nieman Foundation to learn more. Relax with dust. Get your hands on powder brush Nice large. After putting on your foundation and concealer, use a loose or pressed powder to help set the makeup on his face.

DAB slightly brush in your powder and get a small to moderate amount at the end of his brush. If using a loose powder, slight bump at the end of his brush on the counter to make the dust fall into the bristles a bit to fall into the first part of the side to touch. Face with hands lightly brush in downward strokes until your entire face has been polished and have achieved a nice matte appearance on your face. This is the only time there is a movement down in the face. Unfortunately, we all have small amounts of “fluff” in the face and brushed side down helps put some hair down and become less noticeable. Make sure the powder is applied uniformly and move to the next step. You want your makeup last all day, right? I thought so. To make it last, I suggest using an eye shadow primer before applying any eye makeup.


The appearance of the arcane 19th, del Sol, within the framework of the tarot of love Chuck has some interesting implications. The meanings and the message of this letter, in addition to being influenced by the rest of the tiles that appear, may vary according to the type of tarot that is chosen to perform the query. Each deck includes centuries of history: its symbols have been modelled by the influence of a culture and a social, economic situation and religious determined. Something that should be taken into account when we decide to perform the query which best fits our concerns and needs of the moment. In the tarot deck Rider Waite this arcane appears illustrated by a beautiful blond boy riding a white horse.

The deck refers to Apollo, the Pagan God of the Sun. It is considered a positive letter, much success, which heralds the beginning of a period of good fortune. However, this letter also channeled the male energy of the harness. As a result, you can both advertise, in consultation with the tarot of love, the arrival of a baby male as the possible influence of a dominant man, very marked masculine characteristics. This influence can be positive or negative, something that the Tarot reader will determine by the letters that they enclose to this arcane. Treat an influence positive, without a doubt who query will receive the support and encouragement to the action of a person who will help you realize your dreams. A negative influence, on the other hand, face the consultant with a man excessively domineering, possessive, or a woman having these characteristics.

Egyptian Tarot, to this arcane it is known with the name of the inspiration. The figure that illustrates it does not have a child, but a couple. Something that, curiously, does not occur with the arcane VI, equivalent to the enamored of the Gypsy tarot. But if in that letter the passions appeared as something negative, capable of moving away from the path of the spirit, the arcane 19th celebrates the union of the feminine and the masculine as the source of the creative force of the universe. Thus speaks of a period of plenitude, in which we completed, and whose influence charity is moves to all planes of existence. Spirit expands ideas sprout without effort are fast realization, and material progress are powered. The appearance of this arcane during the consultation to the tarot of love speaks from the beginning a period of deep welfare. Juan Carlos Montillo