Proactive Recruiting

How to close faster and better job? How do I find more of the best candidates, using conventional and available sources of information? A: The only use these sources more effectively! Recruiting new wave – it's active recruitment. 1. Squeeze out all of your employees. Use the active chain of recommendations. How many employees in your company? How much each of them can be friends? How many of these friends may be helpful for your company? You do not know this? From the results of our sample survey it became clear that a focused collection of recommendations is an important channel of information on highly qualified specialists. It remains only to make this system: – let your recruiters will meet with people who came to the company over the last 6 months – let each new officer will prepare a list of their colleagues from the two previous jobs – let them tell you about the best recruiter of his former colleagues – then you call these people and "do your recruiting." Stimulate (including financially) to become a freelance employees' talent-hunters. " Awarded Recruitment Association ERE-2006, the company QuickenLoans 60% of new employees due to receive the old! There are the volunteer recruiters ALL.

2. Squeeze everything out of the Internet. Actively use sites of "social networking" Ukrainian and Russian counterparts LinkedIn, The, Zoominfo, and when used properly, Jobster has great potential. This, for example, or Recently, one such site we posted a convincing advertisement jobs, and found terrific candidate for the post of Financial Director for one of the major industrial companies.