Inverted ACEs

The minor arcana expressed in tarot Chuck the everyday and mundane matters. Why, some prefer to set them aside and focus reading on arcane elders, carriers of messages about more spiritual matters, and if you want to, momentous. The minor arcana, however, may not present the wealth of interpretation of arcane elders, but are undoubtedly useful to obtain a vision more detailed and comprehensive about certain situations. There resulting from keen knowledge of its meaning, and as this changes according to the position in which they appear. Minor Cup arcana cite emotional affairs. Their messages speak to us of our situation in love, friendship and family. The ACE of Cup, as the ACEs in each of the four suits, it is a very auspicious and high level of positive energy deck.

Its appearance tells us, in the land of the couple, the next start of a great love. And relations in general, from the beginning of a period of harmony, Concord and happiness. It is a deck that speaks to us of balance, and a time of joy and tranquility in the company of loved ones; It is also a letter from fecundity, which may suggest the next arrival of a baby at home. Instead invested, the ACE of cups speaks of a harmony that is broken. The fullness and balance are lost.

The concordia family, warns us, may be at risk. The ACE of cups reversed alert about the possibility to be building a project without solid foundations: perhaps, feelings are not so deep as previously thought, and everything is falling apart like a House of cards smaller puff of Breeze. This deck speaks of a period of instability, in which perhaps we feel that everything reeling us around and nothing is what seemed to be. We will have to assess the environment that surrounds us, then, to try to discover the real causes of discord and disharmony. Perhaps, warns the ACE of cups, we dig in a relationship that is no longer what it was, and it is time to loosen ties with the past. In this case, the circulation of Tarot will be helpful to understand the hidden origin of some distressing situations, through the liberating path of self-knowledge.