Michael Laitman

I.e., while the Bible only describes and refers to the upper world, the corresponding events must also occur on the earthly plane. Properly read the Torah even so, the Kabbalists considered objects and spiritual events – roots – infinitely more important than its material consequences. They explain that a Kabbalist with exceptional spiritual reach of Moses, would be incapable of writing a single word with the simple aim of tell us about history or ethics. We are taught that Moses had one goal in life: reveal the top world to humanity to help us perceive it as he did, thus reaching the highest goal of our existence. Hence, the correct way of reading the Torah is mindful of the fact that each word refers to a spiritual force that is located in the upper world.

Then, one gradually begins to connect with these forces and to perceive them, just as Moses did. Those who have already developed the ability to perceive the upper world are called Kabbalists, and when they read the Torah not displayed historical events or moral teachings. On the other hand, clearly perceive how the spiritual forces govern us to us and everything around us, and how everything finally joins in the full and infinite Luz Superior. ** The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cibernetica, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge.

He is founder and President of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel. More information on, and Michael Laitman Sobre the author: Dr.Phd Michael Laitman is Professor of ontology, PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, with master’s degree in cybernetic biology. Author of 40 books on authentic Kabbalah. Founder of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel, dedicated to the teaching of the Kabbalah wisdom for free. Bnei Baruch has become a global organization with students from all parts of the world. Its members are dedicated to the research and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Information in original author and source of the article