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If you have been in a series of relationships or marriages that have ended badly, it may be time to take a deeper look and addressing the root causes of the problems in their relations. Hypnosis helps you to giving access to parts of your mind that are normally hidden to his conscience. It is here where the old habits, patterns and emotions reside. We realise or not, our mind refers to the past whenever we are in a new situation to see how we have reacted in such a situation. If you find a negative agenda, there is a tendency to want to play it again unless you change the programming through the use of a tool of powerful, such as hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state that is very relaxing in a therapeutic context. Unlike the foolishness of the shows, you are fully aware, in fact has increased awareness and his mind is always under control. During a session of hypnosis, you are able to assume new suggestions and use your own imagination to create a new positive agenda that will replace its past. Causes often, behavior patterns associated with the relationship – are rooted in our childhood memories, which are associated with our parents and how they interacted among themselves. After all, the relationship between a mother and a father is very often the first vision of a person in the world of relationships and love.

While parents may have had a good relationship in general, there may be areas where they could not manage well with the other. As an adult, you can find the reflection of this behavior in their own relationships. Sabotage to prevent pain in some cases, may you find doing exactly the opposite of what they did. Let’s say your father was unfaithful several times your mother and she was constantly mistreated. Your mind may have learned to avoid the pain that became your mother, by what you develop the habit of the withdrawal of a couple everytime you feel insecure about whether he loves you or not. In essence, you are creating another end, then It leads to disappointment. Persons who had parents with very dysfunctional relationships can be found by sabotaging relations possible, because your subconscious mind is waiting for the relationship, as well as their parents, to be a source of pain. The patterns of conduct may be so rooted that without thinking about them, they condition their reaction to certain triggers. Through the use of certain techniques of hypnosis, you can free yourself from negative constraints. Free through the use of hypnosis, can you realize why they had felt attracted to certain types of people that may not have been the best choice for you. To be able to clearly see the pattern and training your mind to what you want to do, you are able to avoid future potential disasters. Instead, you are able to think and behave in a conducive and healthy way to be happy. This means that even if the same problematic situation occurs again, will behave the way you want and not where are you has taught. While hypnosis can not guarantee the romantic success, yes you can help you reach a place where increases the chances of being able to be in a healthy relationship. Sasha Carrion, Cht.