Wheel Loaders

Along with organizational activities (development of dealership service, a network of warehouses and other) and it includes technical innovations in the machines themselves: the constant monitoring of the units, removal of the points available in the diagnostics space, simplifying and facilitating the maintenance and repair work. The modern standard series of frontal JCB loader is quite extensive, and the firm, unlike its competitors, has never aspired to full and rapid replacement of all new production models. JCB uses a standard set of technical solutions in the design pneumatic front-loaders. Diesel engine passes the point on the torque converter, then a box of gear under load, where the shafts distribute it between the bridges and through differential and planetary final drive supplied to the drive wheel. Wheel hub equipped with multi-disc brakes with hydraulic maslopogruzhennymi. In the hydraulic circuit of the cylinder piston Boom integrated nitrogen expansion vibration of the working equipment, due to motion machine with a full bucket over rough terrain. JCB produces in one standard size group of trucks with a Z-and H-shaped slewing bucket, which expands the choice for the customer.

Wheel Loaders pneumatic German company Liebherr belong to one of the most respectable families in this market sector. Liebherr designers significantly reduced the number of traditional engineering solutions used in a new series of machines. By remaining include the general layout, turn "breaks" the frame, mechanical transmission from the box transmission to the drive wheels with the differentials and final drives, multi-disc brake hubs maslopogruzhennye, noise and vibration isolation booths.