Latin American Writer

I have so much to say that I jam. I don’t know where to start. Cesar Vallejo. Dedicated to: Ersuli. To whom reminded everytime I read to Vargas Llosa.

I learned yesterday morning that the writer Vargas Llosa won the highest honor that can be given to a writer. This morning in conversations I had with a friend, I was realizing the real importance that has this event. That conversation flowed several ideas. First that nothing, commented that Latin America feels satisfied by such recognition. Sometimes, more later that early, realized some things. This award is a clear example: Finally! We express my friend and a server.

Another idea that we got is that the benefit which leaves the world of literature is a feeling of freshness of the dew/creative or imaginative. We are left with the feeling that we shared, or better said, we were part of that achievement. You who do not read to Vargas Llosa? Who not is in love of some of his characters? Who not is has been wanting to visit Peru, Paris and other regions that appear in his works to see with their own eyes the simile of the real beauty with your imagination? Who not been reflected in the ancestral ordinariness of the behavior of humans? Who not has lived politically its time and space? Who has not enjoyed a book of the generation from the Boom? Who will not buy a book not to be without reading it? Who will not know of life and work (even more things I neither own writer knew)? Who will not enjoy this event? We also argued that this news was fruitful for the craft of the writer. And we are going to rediscover the narrative from a literary and aesthetic endeavor with a hint of politics and social consciousness. We insist that it rewards the literature, to the creation of wonderful stories that are in the same reality. It is as if take pictures of our daily life and study them we enjoy aesthetically esa image. We have a simple literature (more non-simplistic), who is so successful that any models not this feat. The literary works of the new Nobel are unique, fun, thoughtful, loving every book has its own success, quality and warmth. At this time in particular and by way of comment, not as an attempt even of literary criticism, comes to my memory: the notebooks of Don Rigoberto. How wonderful book! What sensuality! What aesthetic richness! What manner of writing! What creative cleaning! Congratulations on this event. To serve as inspiration for all those who want to learn to write. Vargas Llosa read, we read good literature, we enjoy the Latin American novel. Let us seek the source of literary inspiration. And express your opinion.