Wardrobe. Bargain Purchase

Annals of cabinets coupe began with the 19th century. However, they were world renown in the 20th century. Today, almost every house in every country in the world can meet these functional and comfortable wardrobes, received the title in Russia closets. We were at home closets long fall from abroad (eg, England), being the most luxurious part of the interior. Everything changed after the establishment of domestic production in 90 years 20. It is in this began to appear during the production, whose production quality is not inferior to European counterparts. Today we have the opportunity to buy a standard wardrobe, standard size, and a wardrobe in order. Many compatriots have many questions during the planning purchases cabinet compartment.

What better to choose a cabinet? What makes a model? How better to have a wardrobe? Distinguish two main types of closets: 1. Standard closets. Standard closets – it’s standard wardrobes in standard sizes. Standard segment-in closets started to develop dynamically in recent years. The reason – the low cost and speed of manufacture. Gather such cabinet compartment with quality materials and fittings, and have a simple and sleek design, which allows a standard cabinet compartment fit almost any decor. They have the required bundle.

In addition, Standard wardrobes have a uniform size step. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more. This step allows you to choose size closet compartment size as close and convenient place, at its desired location. When buying a standard not-in closets mandatory exit gager. A typical configuration not only provides a quick order fulfillment and low price, but also greatly simplifies the assembly. However, if the standard is to you, however, is not suitable, then a path – a sliding wardrobe to order. 2. Individual closets or cabinets to order. Individual wardrobe – these wardrobe to order. Performing such a case, taking into account all customer requirements for size, integration, configuration and design. Sliding wardrobe for order has an exclusive design and can be the perfect addition to any existing installation of furniture in the room. For the manufacture of the cabinet is individually designed project with the size of the place where the cabinet will be and customer requirements. Takes into account every nuance. Closet to the order will be perfect for your chosen location, whether it’s at least a niche or a custom size of the room. Order cabinets – it is an individual production. Of course, custom cabinets coupe will be more expensive, standard-in closets and their production will take much longer. But it’s worth it. You will receive a wardrobe, featuring a rare, original configuration, in which can not be as bright, manifest your taste and fantasy. Internally, filling wardrobe will meet all your requirements and location. If, for example, closet, hallway will be, it is convenient to accommodate hangers outerwear, shelves for bags and hats, the section for shoes and vacuum cleaner accessories, boxes and household supplies. Important to remember all the necessary attributes to think it is desirable at the design stage. Choose whether you standard closet, or take advantage of custom coupe to you. It all depends on your needs and desires.

Built-in Wardrobes Coupe

Built-in wardrobes or built-in furniture, as opposed to modular, have no housing at all or some of the walls. Present rear and side walls, as well as top and bottom plates are attached directly to walls, ceiling and floor, thus forming a single surface. Their shape and dimensions correspond exactly to the place where they are installed. It is very convenient because it allows them to have any in doorways, arches, under the speakers on the ceiling ceilings in attic rooms (with a beveled ceiling), etc. Nieman Foundation understands that this is vital information. In addition, this furniture conceals the defects of planning. Internal appearance of built-in furniture is formed based on your needs: you can set drawers, shelves, special sections for storing different things with easy-hangers, wire, metal laundry baskets.

At the top you can allocate space for luggage, and at the bottom – for shoes, vacuum cleaners, etc. For In order to find the right thing, you will simply nominate, or that box. Typically, the side walls, internal partitions and shelves built-in furniture made of laminated chipboard panels, or hardboard. Proceedings of the doors to more diverse, they can be, and glass and mirror, and panels, and metal, and combined (two or three stories). Typically, these doors sliding or folding (like an accordion), equipped with a system of rollers that provide easy, smooth and silent movement of a special guide tracks. There are two systems moving door coupe support system, the roller moves along the track, bolted to the floor of the room or the bottom of the cabinet.

On top of the door is hung on rollers, which includes a special guide, mounted above the door, it keeps the door without letting it fall out. The disadvantage of the system with lower rail is that the door may still fall out, though, it needs a good blow to its bottom. Suspension system, the door is suspended on the guide, mounted on a roof rack. The main lack of a suspension system is the increased requirement for strength and a roof rack weight limit used doors. Built-in furniture to make room, leaving visible only the necessary things. The room where she is located, is filled with air and cleanliness. With-in closets can be made small alterations to the apartment and they are perfectly suited as a wall separating the few residential areas and serves to store things, placing collections and decorative knick-knacks. Do not think that installation of built-in furniture-consuming task, specialists of the companies where you get it to deal with that very quickly. The choice of colors and trim panels bordering, mirrors, glass is so huge, allowing for a large number of options for the interior apartments. So, choosing a built-in furniture, you not only get the convenience, but also exclusivity.