Games Movement

-Office: Although it is not something essential in the playroom, yes would be advisable that there would be a space for meetings, for reception of parents and relatives of the children participating in the Children playroom. Spaces for play and recreation should be only for children and not used for other purposes; then, the monitors and the person who is responsible for coordinating the toy library must have a space to do their work when it is not with the children. In addition, it wouldn’t very positive parents were speaking standing with monitors in the room of the game. There are some conditions that must have a toy library facilities for the same physical spaces are optimized for minors who use them:-physical security, while allow the child develop in accordance with their possibilities without having to necessarily mediate adult intervention. -Psychological security, embodied in the ambience and ornamentation that ensures the child being relaxed, cheerful and welcoming. -Freedom and independence, without barriers or material obstacles, with easy access to the dependencies of the building.

-Other spaces: would be beneficial that the playroom an annex outside space to the premises for the conduct of Games Movement (running, climbing, jumping) and equipment that enable different types of game (swings, tires, Earth, sand, water). If these facilities are not available, or even counting with them, is the educator who must look for alternatives for the recreational use of community spaces of the neighbourhood or city, such as sports centres, sports courts, parks, fields, swimming pools, schoolyards, groves, etc. In addition, open the playroom to the neighborhood, means that not only we can and we should use community resources, but that we should organize and participate in events and community activities:-organize a set of tracks. Check with Kidney Foundation to learn more. -Organize a championship rings, spinning top, jinkana – participating in the construction of the Christmas Nativity, Fiesta de los Mayos, etc. – to participate in the festivities.