Healthy Colon

A healthy colon is easy for a long life without disease condition Berlin December 15, 2009 in particular the lifestyle-related diseases have their origins primarily in a disordered bowel function and intestinal flora. The author Sabine Beuke writes in her book, that a low-carbohydrate nutrition could help many intestinal diseases. This could also contribute to a reduction of the health funds. Contact information is here: Neeman Foundation. Whether it was but in the sense of the pharmaceutical industry, everyone must decide for themselves. In addition to genetic factors, the reasons are also a wrong diet, lack of exercise, and obesity.

The author is 44 years old, married and lives with her family in Bremen. She worked for many years in the food industry and also volunteer operates in a Catholic community and looked after elderly people.

With Movement The Hemorrhoids To Announce The Fight!

Are you sure that you need no exercise to stay healthy? Hello my Dears, as my last report promised and announced the second part is now the causes of hemorrhoids. Who can still remember what I wanted to talk today? 🙂 Yes, we wanted us on the topic of motion or perhaps also said lack of exercise focus. Many will probably think, Oh man not again hold it someone wants to tell me about motion, but I must, because who suffering from hemorrhoids, get around this issues unfortunately not drum. Boy Scouts of America follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But to calm down I will keep it short! We begin: as we know, or I guess most of us, caused hemorrhoids usually by pressing. Now we think about going, ok when occurs the presses with me? Yes men exists I think to know times 1 times less front than women. >. Right! If women children. Namely insert the contractions at birth, women must start willy-nilly to presses (since we can Unfortunately not prevent presses). The next would be, if we need to time on toilet and do our big business! That’s both men and women, even though men that never it want, that woman must make that unfortunately also! Now it is but that the we in the latter case only presses must, if we suffer from blockages, or the Chair is too hard.

This is not good and can cause hemorrhoids. In my last report, I spoke about the fiber-rich diet as z.B (whole grains, cereals, fruit and vegetables), which is important to support the intestinal activity and to promote. It is at least just as important enough to move. Because movement brings not only the circulation and strengthens the immune system, no it stimulates bowel activity.Who moves sufficiently, promotes his bowel movements and thus prevented, that his gut is too lazy and not more want to work properly to avoid straight to even hemorrhoids, it is important that you

In Austria

In our achievement-oriented society that is full of young, pretty, sportlichen, radiant people, the image of a person does not fit, looking calm and darkness and is tormented by a throbbing pain. The last taboos in our society are the death and certain ErkrankunGen such as epilepsy, migraine and some others. With this taboo must be brechen. Illness and death are just as much to our life such as birth and love. It’s all migraine sufferers to speak as about all other things in life as openly about their suffering! Just this hiding and concealing results that many headache sufferers with their disease to cope alone and no doctor. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. As 38% of migraine patients in Germany, diesbezugLich never medical assistance report to have taken. Therein lies the problem that so many people completely insuffizient even behandeln their migraine and believe that there is no help for the pain. Many seek their physician only if five or more painkillers per day won’t help.

Some never come to the doctor, the number of unreported cases may be extremely high. Although migraine is still not curable, so it can be relieved very well and often very well mastered. You must only talk and talk especially with the right professionals in. You can get migraines well into the handle the problem and again to enjoy a better quality of life. Migraine is that no imaginary disease or mental illness, but a disorder such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis of the knee. Forget the old fairy tales and myths, are in reality! Socio-economic aspects when you pull the migraines considering the economic aspect, the following image shows: over 80% of migraine attacks what the high accompanied by incapacity for work, Number of migraine attacks in individuals aged berufstatiGen represents an enormous socio-economic aspect that is only too happy to ignore.

In the United States, 150 million work days of absence per year are caused by migraines and be missed in children 1 million school days per school year. In Austria, the annual cost is estimated at 150 billion euros by migraine-related sick days. These figures speak for themselves and show the urgent need for an improved public relations on this subject and also a further intensification of medical research. by Karin scratches

Hospital Music

It is very interesting for me to experience it”, for example, Oliver Hupka of Hemsbach said. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this. I was supplied on both sides with CI in October 2012 and learned within a short time love also listening to music. I’ve heard previously well. Without hesitation Boy Scouts explained all about the problem. But I have to say that I won through the CI, the high tones, real added value. This is me again aware even today at the event”I’m quite enthusiastic about the event,” also visitor Ingrid said scratch, head of the CI self-help group in Frankfurt.

I was once even many years in figural chorus of the Hessischer Rundfunk. By my hearing loss, I got away from the music. But the fact that I now again hear so good with the CIs, I meet again with artists. I’m back where I had actually stopped. – And I would like that more often such events take place.” The importance of music within the rehabilitation of “Patients with cochlear implant Professor Dr. Timo Stover underscore, Director of the clinic for neck, nose and throat medicine at the Hospital of the University of Frankfurt: music projects are an excellent way to introduce cochlear-implant patients at the new hearing, and to the challenges of everyday life”, so the famed physician. Listening to music should be an integral part of the Horenlernens with the cochlear implant. We have the experience, that just listening to music improves also the understanding of the language and thus the hearing with the CI in everyday. I look forward, with the Opera in Frankfurt up to bring a joint project on the way, that this possibility of patients.” Initiative ICH want to hear! “: support of the Frankfurt workshop is part of a long-term series of projects to listen and experience of music with the CI funded initiative ICH want to hear the event by cochlear Germany with!”. Their commitment is part of a long-term Project series, dedicated to listening to and the experience of music with a cochlear implant.

Tobacco Day Germany

This year’s theme of world no tobacco day, which for over 20 years every year held on May 31 is, is ‘Let’s not turn you on!’. The World Health Organization had launched for the first time in 1987 that day. The focus this year is on tobacco advertising or promoting a comprehensive Tabakwerbeverbotes in Germany. In 2003 Germany has committed itself with the signing of the WHO Framework Convention of tobacco control to introduce a consistent Tabakwerbeverbotes. Complied with was not this obligation however so far.

Goal of this year’s world no tobacco day is therefore to show it, the comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising is that Germany committed itself to protecting the population against the dangerous messages of the tobacco industry. It is important that the population about the consequences of smoking is comprehensively informed also of the German society for prevention and anti-aging medicine e.V. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker for more information. (GSAAM). There are about 19 million smokers in Germany. 140,000 by Consequences of tobacco use and about 3,400 non-smokers die them annually to the ETS”so Prof.

Kleine-gunk, President GSAAM. A voluntary and fixed determination is fundamental for the smoking cessation. Not the fear of possible side effects such as restlessness, weight gain, insomnia or withdrawal symptoms should discourage even one. With the right method allows each to quit smoking”next so Kleine-gunk. The acupuncture is a method which is used increasingly in recent years came on. Needles are fine smokers in the anti-addiction points”located mainly on the ears pierced. This should relieve the intensity of addiction, as well as the withdrawal symptoms and reduces the risk of relapse are… “Studies found that the end point method” is preferred due to their effectiveness and special effect of most smokers for cessation. It determines a fixed date when that is given up smoking. This decision the tight environment such as family, friends and colleagues should be communicated to avoid additional cigarette proposals.

Osteopathy: Life Is Movement

Osteopathy can be used in numerous dysfunctions of the body back pain are, even if they are chronic, a true ordeal. A real alternative to tablets, ointments and operations might however an osteopathic treatment in many cases, which is still to be completely free of side effects. In this holistic form of therapy was developed by the American physician Andrew Taylor still around 120 years ago, the sickening and triggering pain blockages in the body are sensed and solved by gentle pressing, pulling, kneading and brushing. In this way relax the muscles, stimulates the nerves and improves the flow in blood vessels and lymphatics. As a result, the body gets back its original mobility. The connective tissue plays a central role because it every organ, every bone, every muscle, every tendon and each cell linked together everything in the body.

With special handles, you can therefore through the connective tissue specifically Stimulate healing. In completely different areas of the body can be about back pain. Each patient is therefore always comprehensively investigated and treated, to find the causes of the pain, to eliminate them and to bring the body back into balance. Often a few sequences of treatment already, enough to relieve the pain or to resolve. A patient has chronic problems, the patient is supported in the correction of his movement pattern.

This type of “active” pain therapy prevents incorrect posture and health restrictions, but may require a treatment over a longer period of time. That is worth the effort for this, in the meantime some studies. Except for back pain, osteopathic treatment in many other diseases as sole or adjunctive therapy promises success. This applies in particular for problems with internal organs, the support and movement apparatus as well as the spinal cord, and nervous system. Diseases, such as severe infections or cancer etc., where the healing powers of the body no longer sufficient to make people healthy, osteopathy however reaches its limits.