The Midline

Massage of the next group of points should produce slight pressure with a rotational movement for 3-5 minutes: points on the midline of the head at the rear of 12 and 14 cm above the front boundaries of the hair, massaged into the sitting position, a point located midway between the coccyx and the anus. The patient should sit with the squat, points on the soles of the feet in the hole, that is formed by bending the fingers. Speaking candidly Nieman Lab told us the story. The massage is conducted in a sitting position, turns on his right leg, then on the left, symmetrical points on the forearms of 2 cm above the xiphoid process of the radius bone. Massage held alternately on the right and left hands in a sitting position, hand massaged at the same time must lie on the table; symmetrical points on the tibia at 7 cm above the inner ankle, symmetrical points lying in a hole in the middle of the back of the wrist. Massaging should be done alternately in the sitting position, hand on the table, palm down, symmetrical points located at 3 cm from the back side of the midline at the level of the gap between the 4th and 5th vertebrae spinous; symmetrical points on 3 and 5 cm away from the navel. Massage is lying on his back, symmetrical points on the legs at 10 cm above the center of the outer surface ankle. Points are massaged simultaneously symmetrical points located 33 mm away from the corner of the base of the nail pinky legs symmetrical points on the second toe at 3 mm below the outer corners of the nail bed. Calming massage is performed using a light pressure on the point of the rotation in a clockwise arrow.

The impact should last 3-5 minutes. Points located on the front of the midline at 3 and 4 cm above and 2 cm below the navel, should be massaged into sitting or lying on your back, it is desirable to relax. In the day to hold 10 sessions of massage these points. Then take a break for 7-10 days, after which massage course to repeat. Everything about hemorrhoids You can learn more here

Ankle Fracture

For frequent injuries include broken ankle fracture is another lower division of the shin. These fractures are of all fractures by about 20%. The most frequently observed fractures ankle, approximately 60% of all cases but the most severe injury still is a fracture of the lower end of the tibia in the ankle area. It's about the turn of the ankle. Quite rare direct mechanism of traumatic injury ankles. It is a direct blow to the ankle. More often than fractures of the ankle occur when the forced rotation of the foot. Also broken at the ankle of the foot outwards podvertyvanii, there pronatsionny fracture, and inside, there supinatsionny fracture, and when you turn the leg inward or outward, there is a rotational fracture.

In most cases, the mechanism of injury can be combined. For example, when tucking feet outward, as a consequence, the case of separation the inner ankle. Smaller or larger piece of bone off, depending on the degree of podvertyvaniya. Perhaps the phenomenon of deltoid ligament rupture, and the tibiofibular ligaments. In when the traumatic force acts over a longer period, there is flexion of the tibia, which can lead to fracture of about five – seven inches above the ankle, and then the thickness the tibia is much smaller. This process is accompanied, as a rule, subluxation of the foot outwards. Nieman Lab contains valuable tech resources. This type of fracture is called Dupuytren's fracture. When the foot tuck inside, there is a tear-off fracture outer ankle.

For a long time with a significant podvertyvanii, under pressure from the talus fracture can occur as the inner ankle. At this stop will be tucked inwards, that is there inside subluxation of the foot. This type of fracture is a fracture Malgenya. Fractures, which are provoked by rotational movement of lower leg, called the rotary. Such fractures usually cause a helical fractures. When leg is rotated outward, is the emergence of the helical outer ankle fracture, and vice versa. Fracture of the ankle, which is accompanied by subluxation or dislocation of the foot, called perelomovyvihom. The victim worried about the pain in the ankle. Can not even come with perelomovyvihah leg. However, if there was an isolated fracture of the ankle, the foot support function may persist. In this situation, rotation foot inward or outward usually causes a sharp increase in pain. During the inspection there is swelling, and deformity in the foot. The foot is painful at palpation. The diagnosis of a fracture ankle specified by X-ray. On X-rays do not pay attention only to the fracture line, but also to the so-called "plug ankle." Fork ankle form a lower surface of the tibia, ankle tabs on the sides of the top and the upper part of the talus below. If X-rays show expansion plugs ankle specialists suggest the gap ankle ligaments, or shift the outer ankle. Suffered a fracture zone of anesthesia performed with solutions of local anesthetics such as procaine or lidocaine. If the isolated outer ankle fracture, place a plaster cast of the upper third of the leg to the toes of the foot. This dressing is a plaster boots. Duration of immobilization is approximately three weeks. Thereafter bandage removed. Assign physiotherapy, including massage, wraps, paraffin baths, and exercise therapy.

Female Beauty Complexes

Most men believe the amazing depth and strength of woman's beauty makes it mysterious. Almost every woman wants to have in their arsenal of such weapons, but to get it is often hampered complexes … who need to learn how … Nieman Lab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. destroy! So why do people start from complexes? – Complexes with which we often prefer to run away from problems arising from some psychological trauma, which fixed in the human subconscious – says Nazip Khamitov known psychoanalyst, philosopher and writer. – There are five basic psychological complexes that we have with his wife Svetlana Krylova, also a psychoanalyst, called the as follows: complexes Eternal Cinderella, Snow Queen, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc and Athens. "Eternal Cinderella" … It was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, with the lack of movement and anxiety in his voice. She told me that she had married late, children no.

With her husband lived for six months. He left her. Ina now lives with his mother, as it was before her marriage … During a conversation with the psychologists found that the father also left her mother in about a half a year after the wedding … … Mother with Children instructed her daughter that beauty and happiness can not connect, they say, the beauty attracts misery … And the fear of beauty has become almost an instinct for Ina. So when her life appeared Igor – a strong, decisive, charming, generous with compliments, these fears are a few left the girl, she felt a rush of joy …

Cinergetic Sport

For the lovers of the cinegetic sport, the environs of Poplars are prodigal in diverse classes of pieces of hunting like deer white tail, wild boar, dove, quail, ducks and less abundant others. The fishing can be practiced in the Cuchujaqui stream or the prey of the Moczari, on the way to Navojoa, where it is possible to capture lobina, catfish and mojarra. Poplars it counts on all the services: banks, powerboat, pharmacies, hielera, excellent hotels and restaurants, where the sensation is lived to be very far from century XX. Old and prepared for the needs of an increasing tourism. There are also motels, where the lack of ” estrellas” that they announce his category, is replaced with the human treatment and the proverbial courtesy of the sonorenses. All the necessary one to turn to this city of long ago into a forced destiny of visit. History the population of Poplars began to form in the last third of century XVII, as a result of the discovery of minerals of silver of Promontories, the Customs, the Goats, the Quintera and others of smaller importance.

The City of Poplars was founded the 8 of December of 1682, by merit of Domingo Tern of the Rivers. From his foundation it showed an evident prosperity constituting itself in just a short time, like the most important city of the northwest, as much by his population as by his economic, political, social and cultural development of the time. it called to him originally Real of the Clean Conception of Los Alamos and also Real of the Friars. The importance of its mines determined the establishment of an assay house that formed shortly after 1690, Don Juan Rescuing. During long years Gobernador of the province of Sinaloa was seat of a general lieutenant, in 1769 also settled an office superior of Property. Poplars had their first city council in 1814.

To the passage of time one became the most important city of the United Provinces of the West, reason why the 24 of November of 1827 were declared State Capital of the West. It was therefore first that obtained this rank legally, by Decree of the 19 of January of 1828 sent by the Legislature of the State of the West; having lasted until March of 1831 in that the separation of the Sinaloa and Sonora states was verified. The region of Poplars, that belonged until then to the province of Sinaloa, was annexed to the state of Sonant to express request of its city council and its neighbors. Due to its geographic position and to his economic and social importance, Poplars was scene of diverse military events, related to the defense of the national sovereignty towards 1865 and to the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of Century XX. During century XIX it was party head. In 1865, by decree of Archduke Maximiliano of Austria, the Imperial department of Poplars was created. Towards aims of century XIX district head was, including/understanding the New municipalities of Poplars, Mines, Customs, Macoyahui, Conicarit, Camoa, Navojoa, Promontories, Batacosa, Quiriego, Baroyeca, Tepahui, Rosary, Nuri, Movas and Ro Chico. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger does not necessarily agree. Many of these municipalities have been suppressed and the first five comprise of the present jurisdiction of the Municipality of Poplars.

Green Miracle Of Nature

According to the Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, supplements daily takes no more than 3% of our population, while in Europe – at least 50% in the U.S. – 80%, while in Japan – 90% (it should be noted that Japan takes first in the world for life expectancy). There is nothing wrong with giving your body the nutrients it needs every day. The proposed products from the company NSP, which has 38 years of experience in the market for production of biologically active additives, has a very wide range. 600,000 people are already happy potrebityali products Nature's Sunshine. All mammals except Homo sapiens, while ill stick to a green diet. The healing power of green plants has been known since time immemorial. This is explained by their content of large amounts of chlorophyll.

Transforming the energy of sunlight, chlorophyll plays an important role in plant life. The scientific definition of chlorophyll – a green pigment of plants with which they capture the energy of sunlight and photosynthesis is carried out. Scientists have discovered a surprising similarity in the structure of the chlorophyll molecule and hemoglobin – the main respiratory pigment in human blood. The only difference is that in the center of chelate in chlorophyll is magnesium atom, and in hemoglobin – iron. Therefore, chlorophyll is able to to impact on the blood-like effects of hemoglobin: raising the level of oxygen, nitrogen metabolism speed up. Chlorophyll strengthens cell membranes, promotes the formation of connective tissue that helps to healing of erosions, ulcers and open wounds.

Buying Toothpaste

Several misconceptions buyer toothpaste All pastas are the same – The old, well known reliable pasta Honey, it means a great view of the Why, I do not understand this Fluoride is harmful Admit it, in the rush Everyday you do sometimes look in the mirror and think how fast time flies … your teeth are straight and white once, for some reason have lost their natural beauty, and most important – health. Maybe you're wrong brush your teeth, or it's time to throw away your toothpaste? What does the pasta? A very common misconception that all pastes are identical and differ only by smell, taste, and … advertising. That's why – one known spontaneously buy brands, others on inertia – old mark, and others – doroguschy therapeutic toothpaste according to the principle "the more expensive the better," not interested in the composition and characteristics of the product. But more and more people realize – it is impossible to swallow, horrible, and at the same time, do not want to spend a fortune on sverhraskruchennye brands. Very sophisticated consumers in Germany have long opted for a product of the oldest German campaign "Dental Cosmetics." Such a possibility there we have with you.

You may have encountered in the chain stores and pharmacies, "36.6" toothpastes new generation SILCA (Silk), and pasta Premium Series El-ce med. Of course, everyone should find a paste like, the teeth and pockets. But as navigate the vast amount of them.