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What should you look for when PKV test of Stiftung Warentest? Today, the Internet offers an abundance of possibilities, to services, to compare but also products of all kinds, so even complicated insurance matters such as private health insurance. The problem is that there is usually a price comparison, but not the quality and the extent that relate to the product or the service, closer look be taken. A PKV test in turn can remedy this, because this closer analyses both the price or post as well as the quality and other attributes of the object under the magnifying glass. This happens of course in the private health insurance test. Found this in a particularly large form E.g. on Web pages by or directly in the corresponding magazine. Here not only the insurer of health coverage for a wide range of ages and professions are listed and evaluated available, but also numerous extras. In a question-answer forum Boy Scouts of America was the first to reply.

The listing of the Mindesanforderungen at the individual insurer ensures that the result of the PKV test is always serious and credible. PKV test of Stiftung Warentest: the typical requirements, test the insurer provided by the Stiftung Warentest in their private health insurance, requirements include the complete or at least partial acquisition costs incurred in the hospital through the use of a twin room or by Visual AIDS and remedies, as well as the possibility for insured persons to be secured inexpensively from abroad. Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP pursues this goal as well. Also for the individual groups of insured persons, the Stiftung Warentest lists requirements, which assure to fulfill the respective has. So the aid rates for civil servants can replace pro rata by the insured person to over rising costs for insurance, so that this target group is fully and completely secured. Only in such cases, the insurer in this category are awarded with a good note. You can see also that a good insurance in the car check that the hospital daily allowance in the corresponding amount will be made available.

Also, you should look past prior to the receipt of a health insurance of the Stiftung Warentest and not only a comparison of police. Who is test winner Stiftung Warentest? In the final test of the PKV were praised in particular the rates of the HUK-Coburg, they received “very good” the best touch rates at the officials. Independent won the Halle private health insurance and for PKV test winner. For women who like to privately want to sure, Stiftung Warentest also recommends the HUK-Coburg. A.

Test Winner Of 2012 – An Overview

What private health insurance did particularly well in the test? Test winner 2012 have created so far current ratings for the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) the test instances Assekurata, the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) and map-report for private health insurance In the year 2012. While various test winner resulted in the different evaluation criteria. However shows that the Debeka at two of the three test series has emerged as the winner. Test winner 2012 has awarded the private health insurance at DISQ the German Institute for service quality in April 2012, which offers the best mix of performance, service and price. Generally has improved the quality of service to the previous year, but on average only a satisfactory quality for the 20 assessed private health insurance companies was noted. The newspapers mentioned PCRM not as a source, but as a related topic.

This concerns not the Barmenia, which has achieved a good result as the only insurance company in all service areas and thus emerges from the evaluation service winner. Offers the best overall package According to DISQ on the AXA. She is the best services and affordable basic protection tariff to the best private health insurer awarded 2012. Assekurata PKV winner 2012 unlike the DISQ that specializes in assessing price, performance, and service, is the economic stability of private insurance companies in the focus of the assessment by Assekurata. But the criterion of customer orientation is not ignored: the assessment should be less than satisfactory, the overall rating on the level of customer orientation is downgraded. The other evaluated factors include success, post stability, security and growth/attractiveness. PKV test was won by the Assekurata 2012 the Debeka with 4 out of 5 excellent reviews. But also two other private insurance companies achieved a very good result with evaluating A++: a total of 12 private health insurers were assessed old Oldenburg and LVM..

Since the companies must agree to the rating, the number is relative low out. Map reports test winner 2012 also map-report is the insurer’s approval necessary. Therefore, a total of 16 private health insurance in the three areas of balance sheet, post development and service were evaluated.

Internet Insurance

This means that you can save by choosing a cheap and still reliable life insurance for the entire life of many thousand euros. An independent Capital life insurance comparison worthwhile so enormously and can be made very easily over the Internet. On a comparison portal, the different interested parties can inform conditions and possible advantages or disadvantages. In contrast to many banks not only insurance is recommended, but the consumer can choose individual offer according to your needs. In contrast to an endowment policy, no capital will accumulate at the life insurance of risk of. Therefore, the variant of the life insurance is much cheaper, because here is assured only the death and no savings plan.

Therefore the capital life insurance is still the safest option for conservative investors and savers. There is a guaranteed interest rate and a contractually guaranteed to insured sum is paid out if the life insurance is held until the end of the term in the capital life insurance. Also, there are surpluses, which again increase the savings capital in particular in recent years. At an early Cancellation capital life insurance, you should however be aware that significant deductions and losses to be. Especially if the capital life insurance a few years after the beginning of terminated will be partly substantial losses.

Often even less is paid, as over the years has been paid by the insured person. In the first years of the commissions and fees from the insurance be deducted, so better avoid a termination. An alternative is to encumber it life insurance or sell. Usually much more can be achieved as a premature cancellation capital life insurance the life insurance would pay.


You can find a number of debt consolidation companies today. BSA pursues this goal as well. Therefore you have to plan for extensive research prior to deciding a debt consolidation company. By all means, the safest way is to choose a non-profit debt consolidation company. A non-profit of debt consolidation company guides you with the best possible options for debt consolidation and makes you debt free as soon as possible. Unlike acquire making debt consolidation company, the causative of a non profit debt consolidation is need to build staff acquire at borrower’s expenses.

A great advantage you get with a non profit debt consolidation company is free of debt offer. This service helps you to be aware of the debt consolidation techniques and the value of finance and debt management. The main purpose is to avoid much debt situations in future and so for rebuilding your credit rating. Thus, choosing a non-profit of debt consolidation company is in excellent move. However ensure that your company is really a non-profit organization. Internet is one of the best sources of getting information about the debt consolidation companies and you can therefore choose the best company. You can find many non profit debt consolidation companies that offer different debt consolidation services like credit card debt consolidation programs, bad credit debt consolidation service, christian debt consolidation, school loan consolidation, military debt consolidation. You can check out the Web sites of the respective companies. Ensure that the chosen debt consolidation company can meet the total finance requirements related with your debts. After short listing a few companies, you can visit various web forums, blogs, and reviews on much companies so that chances of any fraud can be avoided.

Important Legal Changes Starting

Important legal changes in the private and occupational pension schemes with effect from January 1, 2012 2012 the retirement at 67 is introduced gradually. This leads to raising the age limits for products of the first, second and third age screening layer so to speak. So an earliest possible tax-preferred retirement performance is in the future for Riester pensions, basic pensions (Rurup pension), private pension and life insurance as well as for occupational pension products only from 62 years of age. Also access to 1 January 2012 the lowering of the minimum rate guaranteed over the entire term of the contract for life and pension insurance currently 2.25 percent to 1.75 percent. The marginal at first glance can mean difference a higher 15 percent guaranteed annuity contract in the event of an emergency at the comparison between a before and after the date for the age pension product completed in 2011. It is irrelevant whether or not a the chosen contract type is State-funded. At the latest also gender-neutral unisex tariffs for all insurance policies must be introduced to December 21, 2012.

So for example, same private pension insurance tariffs and thus same pension heights must offered men and women, contrary to previous practice, if the gender-independent requirements of the applicant match. This has in practice entail, that could reduce the average pension for men in new contracts by changing the calculation of risk by up to 10 percent. Savers and particularly men opting for concluding a private retirement pension product this year, can secure in the long term the currently favourable conditions”, advises the Managing Director of JuMFinanz UG, Marco Otter leg. About insurance insurance, a company of JuMFinanz UG (limited liability) has based in Marburg. On its Internet portal, it offers basic information on the following topics: Riester pension, Rurup pension (basic pension), post-employment benefits, Sofortrente and payout plan, life insurance and pension, unit-linked life insurance and unit-linked pension insurance, British life insurance and British pension insurance, disability insurance and invalidity insurance, private health insurance.

Financial Strategies

Now up to 40% * more pension who would like to secure even a good return for his retirement, should decide quickly. So far, life and pension insurance could guarantee an interest rate of 2.25 percent annually according to the statutory provisions. For policies, which will be completed after 31 December 2011, the statutory interest rate guarantee is reduced to only 1.75% per year. So it is worth to enter retirement agreements before the end of the year. Quick action at the private pension makes sense but still for quite another reason. In addition to reducing the guarantee rate from 2.25% to 1.75% per year draws the year 2012 also tax changes for capital payments.

For contracts which entered into up to 31 December 2011 and have a minimum term of twelve years, the current tax benefits of capital payments are grants already age finished 60th. May is the only agreement to 31 December 2011, to reap the tax benefits only after the payment of capital be 62 years of age. The Ministry of Finance has decided to reducing the guarantee rate (the maximum allowed for the assumed interest rate) for traditional life and pensions currently 2.25% to 1.75% per year as of January 1, 2012. The reduction is in response to the continuing low interest rate environment and applies to all insurers in Germany. It applies to all insurance contracts concluded from that date. Therefore, it is worth already this year to already planned measures for private retirement savings. Experts also advise that to conclude a private pension or life insurance now: only during a completion before 2012 insist the possibility to benefit from the legal guarantee rate of 2.25% per annum.

The difference of 0.50 percentage points per year could mean a surplus of some thousand euros for the policyholders in the long term. Also for graduated retirement in 2011 is the future changed tax treatment in capital disbursement. Currently can be used tax benefits still from 60 years of age, unless a contract is fulfilled by at least 12 years from 2012 after 62 years of age. A higher guaranteed income can be achieved with the strategy pension XXL of the new Bavarian officials Lebensversicherung AG (BBV). The BBV-strategy pension XXL is the only pension insurance on the German market with a minimum interest rate of 2.75% per annum to maturity also when after 1 January 2012. The BBV-strategy-rente XXL connects also high reliability thanks to 100% capital protection with high yield potential. Compared the private pension and life insurance, the BBV with regard to guaranteed minimum capital payment and the minimum pension is one of the leading providers. More information and a free callback request to BBV strategy pension XXL can be found on the corresponding information page. The specialists of BBV can explain personally all the essentials on the topic of BBV-strategy-pension XXL on request and to the Ways to secure are now up to 40% more pension.

Tag Cash Account

Let’s compare the day money account with the savings account the day money is one of the most popular accounts in Germany. Just in the last few years it has become a true perennial with potential. In contrast to the savings account, investors benefit from a daily availability. But why should investors take the day money account instead of the savings account? Is the day money account so much better? Basically here worth a look in the history. Here you can throw up a thesis of course time and again: has the man ever in front of new things is blocking and placed instead on the time-tested? What is true in technology and economics plays an important role even when comparing between passbook and money. Before the year 2000, hardly anyone from the day money account at all has taken note. No wonder, because ultimately there are a number of good reasons why the passbook was still good and usable at the time.

It is therefore may be useful to take a look at the savings book. What does the customer of today even the passbook? The Savings account is an old and proven money first and foremost. A few years ago you could determine beyond reasonable doubt: who had a savings account, and put his money there, benefited from decisive advantages over many other investments. First and foremost, the passbook was but also an investment for the masses: there was hardly a bank that wanted to sell their customers no savings account. Perhaps but also the long-term success of the posit can be explained: the passbook as strong in the consciousness of the Germans implemented, so that it would be today unthinkable for many people to think about an alternative at all. In the early years of the day money account, this account mainly on companies was tailored to that wanted free have their money at any time. In the early 21st century, finally came the first money market accounts for private individuals. The special feature of these accounts was the interest rate: from time to time, customers received more than 6% on the day money.

No wonder that many people mistrust prevailed: How to 6% at the Get money if I get little more than 1% on my savings account? Meanwhile, there is also a free checking account. Among young people, the day money account was still popular and became one of the most important and most interesting investments of the new millennium. Perhaps this is also because that it is linked to the online banking. Who wants to open a day-money account, should now have access to online or telephone banking. This situation doesn’t exist on the bank deposit of course. On the bank deposit, customers can bring their money to the Bank and deposit there. The interest be paid at regular intervals on the account of the customer. Overall, it can be so said that day money account in particular among young people is very popular. But perhaps it is because that the day money account to the current account is linked and this benefits the customer by an even greater transparency. At the end can be found so that the savings for many people pays for itself, but when it comes to effectively accommodate the money, There are only a few young people who forgo the day money account.

BMW Bank Rate Increase In Money Of The Day

Right around 20 percent on now 1.85 percent per year the BMW has increased the interest of their day money supply Bank. Since October 20, 2009, the BMW Bank savers offers attractive 1.85 percent interest per year on the day money from the first euro and without any restrictions regarding the maximum investment amount or duration, as well as for new and existing customers alike. This last point is unfortunately still not commonplace, because too often customers are disadvantaged so that special rate is valid only for new customers. The interest rate before 1.50 per cent, almost 20 percent below the current interest rate. “It creates this rate increase the BMW Bank day money in the current comparison of the trade portal from the bottom third of all compared offers directly to an editor’s choice in the field only fair conditions for new and existing customers”. At annual crediting at December 31, a yield is 1.85% per year, which the BMW Bank in a twelve-month comparison of all 20 in the computer of the trade portal tagesgeldvergleich.NET creates compared quotes from an excellent seventh place.

Place one goes as before on the collateral Bill offering of Cortal Consors 3.50 percent interest per year, which however only applies to investors, with an existing depot to this provider change. The places the Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Kreditbank AG with a twelve-month yield of 2.50 or 2.07 percent followed by two and three. With its 1.85 percent interest per year is that three of the German credit bank removes day money supply of the BMW Bank not so far from the current place and shows that the Munich-based Bank is again on the way to offer attractive special offers for day – and fixed-term deposit customer. Daniel Franke

Loans For The Unemployed?

A credit card for the unemployed is just at the present time there are more and more unemployment. Because often large companies cut many jobs because you must save. Furthermore, the opening of the labour market within the EU is a factor in determining the local job seekers more can find no place. Thus, the minimum wages are automatically lowered if there are any at all. Therefore the unemployed in a minimum income not so easily have it. Because often it is not sufficient. A credit card for the unemployed has become now possible.

In addition, more and more banks offer a credit for the unemployed. You should consider but exactly that in advance. If you need more information to a credit for the unemployed, one can study this easily on the Internet. The least familiar but with a meaningful research on the Internet. However, this has been easy. You must look only a search engine of his confidence and enter the terms of credit card for the unemployed. Within a few seconds to get a very good collection of different Web pages that inform you free of charge. Of course you should not rely but also in the Internet on all sides, because often, the information is not true or very frivolous.

Of course the assignment for a credit for the unemployed expires otherwise. As an unemployed person has no regular income and can give no security in this regard. Because the Bank but requires a security, because you might not always can make the payments, other securities as money are possible. For example, a House, a flat or a car can be used as collateral. If you would like to apply for a credit card for the unemployed, it is also possible to have a guarantor. This would then be liable in the event of non-payment of rates. So check out in advance, but simply in the Internet via the credit offers of different banks.


By the way: Students can BU pension now even with up to 1,000 euro and thus twice as much insures as usual! The boost option can Earth taken with completion of first education (vocational training Bachelor) in claim w. Performance for incapacity for work (AU) now even more clearly defined ( 2 para 8) the performance of AU is the highlight of the comfort BUZ and still forms a unique feature in the German market. It was spelled out now once again in 3 areas. New: 1) the AU has been defined. (2) temporary work attempts after the so-called Hamburg model”( 74 SGB V, gradual reintegration) no interruption of incapacity for work representing because the customer is still disabled ill written during this time. (3) the examination on disability is completed during the period of the AU.

If there is a BU, the customer receives a seamless transition from an AU in a BU power. Should not a disability is detected, he receives anyway as long as a power on the basis of incapacity for work until he can no longer prove this. New boost options conditions (N4E, 07/2011) in addition to the possibility to increase the BU pension without special event, every 5 years from 6 insurance Condor offers a very comprehensive catalogue of the event, when a customer can request the increase of insurance coverage without re-examination of health. This was again extended and optimized: establishment of an independent existence ( 2 ABS 1 f) many employees or students play with the idea to make independently. Most pay but no longer with the result that they can acquire no further entitlements for a disability pension in the statutory pension insurance. Here is recommended an increase in the private disability pension. So far, Condor had foreseen the possibility of boost but only for the establishment of an independent existence in an academic profession.