Efficient Time Management

A good practice is to make every day a list of tasks. It is easier to be productive during all the day if it knows what needs to carry out each task. To write these tasks and of working in them one by one will help him to stay focused and organized. In addition, it is less probable that it forgets the important tasks, because has already written them. If it creates a calendar for his list of pending tasks, the best thing will be to work in the difficult tasks when she is more alert during the day. If you are a person but productive in the morning, she works in the morning in the most demanding tasks.

If you are a person but productive at night, she works but the plaintiffs at night. In order to avoid to be exceeded, it programs some time of inactivity with friendly and relatives. The management of the time is balance question, not of being an addict one to the work. To program an appointment with its wife, husband or to have lunch with its better friend will allow him to relax and to prepare themselves for the next round of work. A component key of the management of the time is the priority. The important tasks must be prioritized and the tasks that can be delegated must occur to the others. It learns to erase the nonessential tasks of its list of tasks. Once it has planned an agenda for the day, it adhirase as much to her as it is possible. When it is the moment to change to the following task, hgalo. It does not remain in the improvement of a previous task. The perfection can sound like a good idea but, in fact, the perfection and the delay are enemy of the management of the time. A good rule to follow in the management of the time is the Principle of Pareto. This indicates that the 80 percent of the profits will be obtained from a 20 percent of the efforts. You can apply this to his schedule, concentrating in the tasks that offer the greater productivity. All these advice are simple but effective. I hope that these can help to take one more a sensible life him and less estresante.