Liberal Revolutionary Movement

We do not terrify ourselves with the formula, because we had practiced if it long ago we would have surpassed immense social conflicts and we would have begun in the development! They do not label to me either as izquierdoso or Marxist: the such formula is not mine. Only attempt to draw a scheme of the theories already raised by worthy representatives of the capitalist system of market like HERNAN ECHAVARRIA OLOZAGA (who it affirms of the same form that the such formula is not either of him) and of liberal economists of the J.M stature. The KEYNESES. Also this same prescription in the speeches and written of doctor ALFONSO LOPEZ MICHELSEN, but at the time of the Liberal Revolutionary Movement can be read. The certain thing is that we have found a factor that it induces to inequalities, that the agrarian reform bars and that restrains any social policy of development of the sector: the so low burdens, taxes, rates and contributions for the great large estate and the unproductive Earth. For anybody it is a secret that the taxes predials on the rural buildings reflect an important imbalance between the great ones Earth possesors who pay the tribute on the value of the cadastral estimate (that in the best cases goes up to around 50% of the real value) and, for example, the buyers of property by the mechanism of the voluntary negotiation of estates subsidized by Law 160 of 1994 and all the other laws of agrarian reform of here for back, that begin to pay the tribute on the established real commercial value in the commercial estimate or the productive project.

How to explain this contradiction between the price of the Earth to pay to him imposed to the State and the commercial value of her? Indalecio Livano, in a test on Lopez Michelsen answered the question partially: ” the Earth is overvalued because one of the main causes of its unequal distribution has been constant desire to use it like means to evade the tax positions and like piggy bank to increase the particular fortunes, by the valuation that originate the time and the inflations monetarias”. The unique absentee in these arguments is the explanation of the reasons of the State to allow, knowing it everything, that situation so advantageous for the idle earth proprietors and large estates. Good, anyway we know that it: our State is handled by those same proprietors. In our legislative power they are very well represented. Our society even has much of feudalista. But this is changing and must change in the future much more. The reasons to propose to burden with a good tax burden the unproductive Earth and the great large estate are these. If we do therefore it we will see soon as the initiative of the proprietor will be increased, the Earth productivity will begin to be better and the supply will be increased of good and unexploited earth with aims of agrarian reform.