Eye Cream

If you want to get maximum benefit from the use of nutrient cream, first thoroughly clean the skin, and after apply the cream on the face still wet. Water will help the ingredients penetrate the skin faster. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Neal Barnard. Do not overdo it! For one use would be enough cream the size of the average pea. If you follow these simple rules applied, the nutrients will learn faster and the effect will be much greater, and not long to wait! And now a little about the technique of applying the cream: Spread a small amount of cream to which you want to please their skin around the forehead with the tips of the fingers of both hands. Movement is going in the opposite direction from the nose to the hairline.

Eye Cream Apply gentle patting movements in the direction of the temple to the nose, and eyes from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the temple. Eye cream is applied to only the ring finger, as he considered the weakest. Movement should be very tender and almost imperceptible. Evenly apply the cream from the middle of the chin to the nose to the cheeks and temples, move along the massage lines from the bottom up, without stretching the skin. Apply the cream on base of the neck from both sides. Massage your skin, smoothing movements, rising from the collarbone to the chin and ears. Then draw the inside of his hand down from the chin to the base of the neck.