Torrential Rains

THE STAFF OF THE MIST M Rotate music with open eyes, like a melancholy longing fish the river forgotten. Look at the music from inside calcining the rest of soul that still remains enigmatic on the staff, where they embrace all notes to launch the poetic journey of seeing the sky suddenly furious Download fulminant, slipping through your walls pink by the eruption , emptying the pond slowly exudes a honey millennial desolate. A bee weaves a destination of parallel lines. The fate proposes a path nosy blurred by the fog between your flight and silence. Silence of shifting walls that fall finding your right.

INTO ETERNITY Kissing the simple outline of the lonely cry kiss until the silence shattering the slow agony, musical. Kissing the lips murmur embedded on the damp breath of light, kiss the concerns of renewed desire for subtle movements. Taste liquid stigma decryption stories where there are abandoned old kisses the light touch of passion stolen a story without memories. Kissing the calm water of your memory to make up songs to awaken the invincible furious kiss, light, always mild, smooth again, like a little cocoon of sun. Kiss, kiss and kiss again always kiss the illusion of the field planted with roots timid where circulating ungerminated even kisses. Kiss and kiss again without pause, without respite kiss your invisible body of natural fibers extracted from a faraway forest where they grow virgin kisses love cultivated by people using simple tools like a simple kiss. Refuge seeking the secret marches depleted field where they say, still soaked melodies are set for a kiss. THE BRIDGE NEAR U n pitcher sweat your footprint shows the relative neglect of an unknown woman.

The path blurs the lines there will be no sadness. The joyful transformation of the flower comes walking slowly. Just pulled a strange letter written in another language. I understand the message.