No Reserve Auction

Many new eBay sellers make common mistakes. They may have extra items that are extremely unsellable or lose money on every transaction by setting low starting prices with no restrictions. In this lesson, I’ll go over which pricing strategies to use and when you are using an auction setting ten days. Strategy # 1 If you are the inclusion of a popular item that you are confident will sell for a high price, a strategy that can be used is the ten-day, one cent starting bid, No Reserve Auction. This is the best way to start a bidding war: pull of the bidders early with a low starting price and no reserve and give them ten days and two weekends to battle. Depending on the item profit margin and the quality and number of competitors, you may want to consider using ads enhancements such as bold, highlight, and feature list of options to ensure your auction stands out from the crowd.

Note that I do not recommend this strategy for beginners. This is an extremely high risk if you do not know how to take the risk that – and this is not something I can teach. You must determine this by assessing your personal inventory with tests. Strategy # 2 Now, if you are new to Ebay or want to put an indefinite article with the popularity, you may use insurance, but potentially profitable bidding strategy as the ten-day auctions. Even used to use a reserve with this strategy.