International Organization

Amongst these changes, some have focus in the worker, the example of the improvement of the work conditions (physical structures of the organization and tools of work), programs of health (mental, ergonomic, etc) of the employee and the personal and professional development. In this way, the employee would have its supplied necessities, would develop its work well and would contribute for the objectives of the organization. The GQT can provoke alterations in the beliefs, values and mission of the organizations. Therefore, it is necessary that before being repassed to the too much members of the organization, it has acceptance and it occurs mobilization of efforts on the part of the high one hierarchy. Details can be found by clicking Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine or emailing the administrator. For Neto and Lisondo (2002, P. 2), beyond simple application of tools, the GQT depends on the motivation of the involved staff and favorable individual and group attitudes. This means the overcoming of the model of management verticalizado for a participativa management.

For Xavier and Batista (1997), the participativa management consists of sharing and changing referring information to the organization with the way employees that have an agreement that the participation fortifies the decisions, mobilizes forces and generates commitments of all with the results. Drumond (1999), affirms that the organizations that make use of the Management of Total Quality, to compete with quality and ability, must have as requisite the vision of the people as those that are wanting to each day to participate, to be valued and to have bigger responsibilities with bigger satisfaction. Miranda (1995) cites some structural changes in the organization that must be made that the total quality arrives at a standard the International: training of the hierarchy in quality management, in the enterprise planning, to integrate the management of the quality to the planning, to become the quality a continuous process and always perfected, training of the employees and revision of the system of you reward.

Rapid Eye Movements

Already the subliming has important paper in this in case that, therefore if the dealer tried to pass the barrier in disfarada way and with false documentation, it she would obtain very of calm form and without being I catch. See more detailed opinions by reading what Boy Scouts of America offers on the topic.. It is thus also that they occur with our unconscious one, many facts that the first sight are forbidden, it automatically ' ' disfara' ' so that when taking conscience does not affect in them directly. ' ' Freud described as activities of subliming mainly the artistic activity and the inquiry intelectual' ' (Laplanche and Pontalis p.495). Being thus, our desires are carried through not of naked form, but they are configured in delicate way to our eyes. The DREAMS Without doubts we can say that the landmark of the great history of Sigmund Freud was ' ' The Interpretation of the Sonhos' ' , workmanship in which before did not have great importance for science, and that soon after such publication gained in fact its due value.

Through these studies, it was possible to bring to conscientious the unconscious contents, in which such process, the phenomenon to dream, brings the unconscious one of a so revealing and accessible form for study. ' ' We have that to agree to Freud of that, the dreams are the way for a road that leads to the unconscious and obscure recesses of mente' '. The dream is a regressive phenomenon; in which it returns in them to the primitive states of infancy. The dream, however is result of psychic daily factors and sleep; therefore we judge necessary to display the process of sleep, stops later centering our attention in the dreams, that I eat displayed Freud, are the guardies of sleep. The PROCESSES OF SLEEP the first aspect that psychology discovered in relation to sleep is that two exist type of sleep: NREM (In the Rapid Eye Movements) and REM (Rapid Eye Movements).


Behaviourism or psychology of the behavior was born with Watson, in the United States, the behavior English term means ‘ ‘ comportamento’ ‘ , this claimed the behavior as object of Psychology, a observvel, measurable object, whose experiments could be reproduced in different conditions and citizens. Watson defended a funcionalista perspective for Psychology, being that, the behavior would have to be studied as function of certain 0 variable of the way. ‘ ‘ Certain stimulatons take the organism to give definitive answers and this occurs because the organisms if adjust to its environments by means of hereditary equipment and for the formation of hbitos.’ ‘ (BOCK, 2003, P. 45). if affirm that the main predecessor of the program of Watson was to animal psychology, resultant of the evolucionista theory and that it led to the attempt of if demonstrating to the existence of the mind in the inferior organisms and the continuity between the animal mind and the human being.

It disciplines It to Etologia dedicated to the study of the animal behavior receives the name from Etologia, term that comes from the Greek thos (behavior, customs, behavior) and lgos (study, treated). From the development of the Etologia, some news you discipline if they had structuralized, as the Paleo-etologia human being, who tries to reconstruct the behavior of the fsseis homindeos. Another one of them is the Etoprimatologia (or Etologia de Primatas), dedicated to the study of the behavior of the current not human primates..

Orientation Products

However, the focus in the quality of the processes is a quarrel that if it processes has more time. One is about a managemental system that has left of the recognition of the necessities of the customers and establishes standards for the attendance of these necessities, from an allied strategical vision to a boarding humanist, understanding itself for customer all those affected by the existence of the company: consumers, employees, shareholders and society (RICHZIEGEL; VANALLE 1999). BSA often addresses the matter in his writings. Wood Jnior and Urdan (1994) points some moments that had been basic for the sprouting of the GQT: inspection (focus in the control of the end item); focus in the process with statistical techniques; the junction of these techniques in a restricted and innovative managemental model (total quality control); insertion of elements mannering and new practical managemental (due to competitiveness of the companies and the flexibilizao of products and services); abrangncia of the public and private segment and malleability of the managemental practical models and. In this managemental style, the companies start to have as objective the necessity of the people: customers (in the quality), of the employees (through personal development) and shareholders (through the productivity). (A valuable related resource: Nieman Lab). Fields (1999) cite some estimated basic that compose the GQT concept: Orientation for the customer: through services and products that take care of the necessity of the consumer; Quality in first place: survival through the continuous profit for the quality domain; Guided actions pro priorities: to give priority to the critical problems that will be identified; Action guided for facts and data: decisions on the basis of facts and data; Control of processes and control of the dispersion; Control of blockade: defect zero, not to leave to pass services or defective products; Respect to the employee as human being: to educate, to train, to delegate tasks, to use the creativity and to supply programs of personal development; Comprometimento of the high direction.

Female Beauty Complexes

Most men believe the amazing depth and strength of woman's beauty makes it mysterious. Almost every woman wants to have in their arsenal of such weapons, but to get it is often hampered complexes … who need to learn how … Nieman Lab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. destroy! So why do people start from complexes? – Complexes with which we often prefer to run away from problems arising from some psychological trauma, which fixed in the human subconscious – says Nazip Khamitov known psychoanalyst, philosopher and writer. – There are five basic psychological complexes that we have with his wife Svetlana Krylova, also a psychoanalyst, called the as follows: complexes Eternal Cinderella, Snow Queen, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc and Athens. "Eternal Cinderella" … It was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, with the lack of movement and anxiety in his voice. She told me that she had married late, children no.

With her husband lived for six months. He left her. Ina now lives with his mother, as it was before her marriage … During a conversation with the psychologists found that the father also left her mother in about a half a year after the wedding … … Mother with Children instructed her daughter that beauty and happiness can not connect, they say, the beauty attracts misery … And the fear of beauty has become almost an instinct for Ina. So when her life appeared Igor – a strong, decisive, charming, generous with compliments, these fears are a few left the girl, she felt a rush of joy …


He raced the car, opened all the windows. Dense wavelength thick with the hum of the air burst into the box, patted her hair and clothes become weather-beaten face, and it seemed to him that it is easier to breathe. High above his head flashed birds – wings of an eagle now and then pave a broad black shadow, heard the scream stork, and then broke away for a moment from the road, he managed to hold his gaze long elongated silhouette. But most of all it took pelicans with their ridiculous giant noses. Looking at the flock of seven pelicans, rushing toward the sunset, he realized that he is trying to keep pace with their rapid movement. He drove the car from the Miami, as soon as they spotted seven, although it seemed to him that he was not trying to keep up with them, and these strange birds trying to catch up with his cast on the sun a black Mercedes. For some reason he remembered his father's house and an old stove tiles with images of two pelicans.

And then, how difficult it was scrub with their blood, seemingly, forever frozen in ceramics. He was painfully sorry for her father, and at the same time he wanted to permanently erase the memory of his suicide. Intense heat gradually subsided, and he felt that began to fizzle out. He did not want to sit, gripping the steering wheel, and he slowed down. As soon as the car began to drive slowly in his eyes, as if the robber from behind, dashed blue.

Public Security

Unhappyly since the remote times until today the people more vulnerable than more they need aid, as the users of drugs, the Organizations of United Nations (ONU) recognizing this problem launched a campaign against this, between these they are the users of drugs and following mensagem' ' equal voc' '. The user is before all in the society the biggest victim of the drugs therefore is in its body that goes to appear the curses of this practises and also the relation with the other people is of the family or of the community never more she will be the same one. He does not have as to many they face it people as the culprit of the drug trafficking and the violence generated for this crime. He has countries as Holland that is set free the use and sales of marijuana and in this nation do not have the violent force the crime organized in the city of Rio De Janeiro, was thus for the indifference of the Secretary of the Public Security until arriving in an unsustainable limit so that he is easy to make a fast and efficient action of improvement in the city. user exists not only here and presents some problems that could also help it and it does not abandon it in its proper suffering and anguish. For the medicine it is a loaded sick person for msera existence human being of a world that does not understand and this world does not understand. A saving boat enters in this as and nothing more it is that a boat without helm. He runs away worse from an unhappy reality for one and more he lasts.

Still superficially solitary therefore they abandon many them. Therefore that one that turns it the coasts is plus that it its ruin leaves route. Its isolation and the meeting of friends with almost same history become more difficult its recovery. It is difficult to cure, many must find the abandonment of what more easy the conviviality to its side. But it remembers that perhaps when making this contributes for its destruction.

This that turned the coasts could have the taken off one of the desperation in the search of more a little of drug and sink in the abyss, in the search of the escape in each time weighed drugs more. In return when seeing its world all destroyed, perhaps, without perhaps, without entering in the crime to satisfy its last illusion or desperate to apply the needle, solitary, wounded, places the wrong amount. plus one in the number of deaths for overdose. It is not easy, but the abandonment for this bitter taste will be more easy end. It is this that reading you, the parents, friends, the society have that to reflect to each one of these young, later she is arrived suddenly aged, if is this that they desire for them. A great dose of escape of the reality to attribute to vitiated the responsibility for the traffic and the invasion of the Slope of the Tabajaras for outlaws of the Rocinha is necessary. He is obvious that it had exactly was a short circuit in the agencies of Security of the State, that lack of intelligence, also to pay good wages to the policemen, so that they are not felt attracted by the crime. Had access in Had access day 07/11/2010 in day 07/11/2010

Sight Hypothesis

Why do the people steadily such a thing as "bad" or "black eye"? They are distributed as in civilized countries, and in semi-wild tribes. And these beliefs are not less than 4000 years. Superstition? Absurd prejudices The ancients believed eyes a window through which the soul enters the body and leaves him. There was a steady conviction that the same way people can communicate with each other "good" and "evil" spirits (demons) who live within them. Similar "Superstition" surprisingly tenacious. Echoes of these beliefs can be found even in the Bible: "For from within, from the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts evil eye." (Mark, 7, 21).

Or: "The light of the body is the eye. So, if your eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light, but if the eye be evil, thy whole body will be dark. " (Matthew, 6, 23). Snakes and hypnotic gaze. "Magical sight" is well known in the animal world.

Especially among the snakes. French naturalist Levollan not once had the opportunity to see this in the jungles of India. Thus, in one case his attention the strange behavior of spotted woodpecker. Sitting on a tree, it is wildly screaming and writhing in convulsions. The reason became clear at once: a meter of it settled on a branch rather large snake. Motionless, she stared at the bird his sparkling eyes. Unequal "duel" was over quickly: the pecker fell off the tree dead. When his inspection did not reveal the slightest damage.

Paris Medicine

What to say of Franz. the Mesmer, that although diverse cures duly registered, folloied and proven for doctors of time, reached by means of the use of the animal magnetic fluid, was accused with quack and had its theories refused for the Real Society of Medicine of Paris. The accusations and the commentaries little based on the Esprita Doctrine on the current days are not uncommon. Popularly also we hear many times commentaries as: . The espiritismo is thing of the devil; . The communication with deceased is sin; .

Exactly that a spirit appears for me I I do not go to believe that it is, therefore is the devil acting; . Esprita does not believe God, much less in Jesus Christ; . Esprita not however; . Esprita makes ‘ ‘ macumba’ ‘ , it sacrifices animals, it has rituals; . Very well-taken care of therefore if you to enter in this ‘ ‘ coisa’ ‘ of the espiritismo, it does not go to be able to leave more; . The espritas lunatic, wild and are unbalanced; etc. Where they are the argument based on all? For reflection ends I appeal again to Codificar, that says in them that: ‘ ‘ If it only can consider as serious critic that one that all visa had, everything studied, with the patience and the perseverance of a concientious observer; that he knew on this subject in such a way how much the most clarified adept; that he had not extracted its knowledge of the romances of sciences; to who no fact of its unfamiliarity could not oppose, no argument that it had not meditado; that it refuted, not for negations, but by means of other more fixed arguments; that it could, at last, attribute to a more logical cause to the facts averiguados.’ ‘ (Esprita Magazine, 1860, P.

Bibliographical Research

After the collection of the data of this first one, we will carry through the second structuralized half interview, also inside of the preset limit (to see cronograma). Made these, we will give to beginning the final analysis of the data collected for posterior quarrel of the results and consideraes.Elaboration of the two entrevistasFF Bibliographical Research FF Delivery of Daily pay Search of participantesFF Contact for consentimentoFF 1 EntrevistFF Bibliographical Research (final project) Analysis of the data and deliver of projetoFF f vacation ? Term of Assent.

The participants will not be identified by the true names, only the initials. The interviews had been elaborated with the concern not to contain questions of offensive matrix. 3 RESULTS We perceive that for these gestantes the gestacional period brings many transformations, with this notices that some of them are more involved with the pregnancy of what the others. As for example one of the mothers it did not wait to be pregnant more happened, but if it was for to choose would not like to engravidar, therefore she does not obtain to support the changes in the body. Another point that we identifcamos is how much the participation of the parents of the baby in the period of the gestation, was surprising, therefore one of the gestantes not deferred payment with the father of the son, but it of the same assistance it as if it was married. With this we perceive that in some cases the father of the child not to live in the same house does not mean that it does not give to assistance the mother of its son. We identify that some already think about the idealized baby and others do not give much importance when is about the colloquy with the baby, canalize these feelings for arrumao of the room of the baby, the name, the clothes, 4 etc.