My Father

Already I read practically all the declarations of faith of the religious denominations, and evidenced that the smashing majority displays the amissibilidade of the believer; e, exactly when it does not display it, certainly for decoy reason, it is taught in other alfarrbios, mainly in its weekly programs, which cognominam of ' ' culto' '. In the force of my faith and in esconso of my certainty I affirm: The believer in Jesus Christ NEVER IT WILL PERISH, because Mr. already gave the PERPETUAL LIFE to it. Perpetual inamissvel Perpetual life. The believer in Jesus Christ NEVER WILL PERISH, because it is kept and safe in the Onipotente Hand Mr. Jesus Christ. The believer in Jesus Christ NEVER WILL PERISH, because it is kept and safe in the Onipotente Hand of the Father. NOBODY (in the Greek, vocbulo nobody means nobody exactly); NOBODY can arrebatar the believer of the Onipotente Hand of Jesus Christ and the Onipotente Hand of the Father, inasmuch as Jesus Christ and the Father is UM: ' ' I give the Perpetual Life to them, and THEY WILL NEVER PERISH; will arrebatar NOBODY them of my Hand. My Father, who but gave, is bigger of what all; NOBODY can arrebatar them of the Hand of my Father. I AND THE FATHER ARE UM.' ' (id.10: 28-30) When Jesus said NOBODY, It wanted to say NOBODY, and he includes me to this, that is, nor I myself I can me arrebatar of the Hand Mr., therefore It is Powerful to keep to me, and has perfect Domain and Power on me, for all always: ' ' However, that one that is POWERFUL TO KEEP to YOU to stumble, and to present you before its glory immaculate and jubilant, to the Only God, our Salvador, for Jesus Christ ours Gentleman, glory, Majesty, DOMAIN AND POWER, before all the centuries, and now, AND FOR ALL ALWAYS.

The People

The people In this world are existing, some types of weapons. Weapons that wound, weapons that kill, are classified they as cutting weapons or black. More I want to say it, that a weapon exists that is not treated regularly in science books, is either perhaps the weapon that kills more than a bore 47, that it wounds more than a knife, that bitter more than the poison. It is known as the word of its next one. it reaches in the point more fragile than the human being possesss. The heart. Others who may share this opinion include Boy Scouts of America. Perhaps in some part of its history, you already it heard to speak, that it is a dud, either launched it, for familiar colleagues or until friends.

However who of the freedom for is word to arrive at the door of your heart is its prpia choice. Its heart its speech has the power to influence its floor and to think. is through it that you will make what it is convenient with the word, it will leave if it in air, it catches if it for itself or if it modifies exactly it. In this world you already are born winning a maratona. God says in its word that, you were selected since the womb. if the proper God already you said who to it you are, why she would import herself in such a way with what the men think and say of you, you. The important one, is not what the people say. more yes what you will make with what they had said.

It knows that you have the power to choose. More the hard one is to know that it does not possess the power of being chosen. The true wisdom of a winner is to know, to play chess, alavancando, a strategy, to leave with the victory in 1 moved rock. But you do not possess the knowledge on the rules of the game before reading or Practising. She has not covered to be charged, does not make so that they make for you, why, no matter how hard no person, looks at to it, she knows that God is observing to it. Then the beauty of its acts is the idea is something abstract, that it is materialize in the heart of observes Who it.

Jonh Bunyan

The same Salomo, cotejando wisdom and wealth arrived at this: ‘ ‘ Because the wisdom serves of defense, as of defense it serves the money; but the excellency of the knowledge is that the wisdom of the life to its possuidor.’ ‘ V 12 Was necessarily how much to that Jesus alerted: ‘ ‘ Therefore, that it would use to advantage the man to gain the whole world and to lose its soul? ‘ ‘ Mc 8; 36 ‘ ‘ Better it is the good fame of what optimum ungento, and the day of the death of that the day of the birth of algum.’ ‘ 7; Perhaps 1 let us see in different way, but the idea is that the finished workmanship is better, that all for making, since that if it has made with the well-taken care of had one, as warns the Apocalypse; ‘ ‘ Fortunate the deceased that since now die in Mr. Yes, it says the Spirit, so that they rest of its works, and to its they follow them workmanships; ‘ ‘ Apoc 14; 13 the verse that emcabea these consideraes, says that the wisdom is better that the force, not because the force is something bad, before, because the wisdom is still more strong; ‘ ‘ The wisdom fortifies the scholar, more than what ten powerful ones that it has in cidade.’ ‘ V 7; 19 When the real force of Nabucodonosor threatened to kill all the scholars of Babilnia, for not knowing to solve an enigma, between them Daniel and its friends, this asked for time to jejuar and to pray the God. It heard it to god and it answered; It praised It Thus to Daniel: ‘ ‘ The God of my parents, I give favours to you I praise and you, because me of this wisdom and force; you made now me to know what we ask for, because in you made to know this subject of rei.’ ‘ Dn 2; 23 Yes, one was about force enough to save a mount of lives, including the proper one. In remote times the men if occupied of the wisdom, today, if they all occupy of the pleasure the cost, exactly if it is declared administrator of perpetual displeasures. The hedonism is ‘ ‘ sabedoria’ ‘ effective exactly between that if Christians say.

In the truth, ‘ ‘ seleo’ ‘ of Salomo she is well ampler, but, I want it linger themselves here, therefore, he will be himself possible to find a thousand gold currencies in a pot, nobody would desire to find them in a passage of a thousand kilometers. The question is to be presumptuous that these ‘ ‘ moedas’ ‘ they have value exactly. Pablo, on the gift of God, Jesus Christ, teaches: ‘ ‘ In who the treasures of the wisdom and cincia.’ are hidden all; ‘ Col; 2; 3 If the wisdom is a superior force, which will be the vigor Of this so hated and rejected? He himself says: ‘ ‘ all the power in the sky and terra.’ ‘ Mat 28; 18 Saiamos It, therefore, perpetual treasure, and disdains persuasiva force of the merchants of ‘ ‘ fair of vaidades’ ‘ as Jonh Bunyan said. ‘ ‘ Who of morning understood the teachings of the wisdom, at night can die contente.