David is friend of UNICEF for years and, whenever it can, it tries to make use in the different projects or shared in common campaigns that they start up. At the moment, very is satisfied with being able to participate in direct form in the campaign Dona a day against the infantile undernourishment. UNICEF, in collaboration with the social network Tuenti, has started up a contest in which, the 10 winners will have the opportunity to personally meet David Villa (), besides contributing your sand granite to fight the infantile undernourishment. If you want to compete, first you must do is unirte to the page premium of UNICEF in Tuenti. And, then, a photo of special raises for you who simbolize what donarias to improve the life of the children and children who undergo infantile undernourishment.

You must until next day 16 of February to send your photos. Besides participating in this contest, UNICEF also invites to you to donate a day of your life to prevent the chronic undernourishment that undergoes 200 million children in the world. That day is materialized with the shipment of a SMS whose total cost (1,20 ) will go destined to UNICEF. UNICEF will be able to finance the treatment of a DAY to a boy or girl with serious acute undernourishment (the total treatment to last of 4 to 6 weeks), only with this small contribution. You do not have to forget that 1,000 days exist, that go both from the pregnancy of the mother to years of life of the boy, whom can change its life. During those 1,000 days, UNICEF carries out an integral strategy to as much improve the nutritional state of the mothers, as of their children. We wait for your parcipacin because it is by a good cause! This news it you can find in blog david town