Fyodor Tyutchev

Tandem as in any way. And even if this matrix will not be realized, there is no doubt that we are in the period before the elections in 2012 are waiting for a serious shock (most of all, I assume, should go to Moscow because of its electorate large numbers), whose main objective – to change the political situation of Russia in favor of the bosses of Western civilization. The main blow will be directed at Putin, and most large-scale performances opposition and just unhappy with the country of onlookers will be held under the slogan “Russia without Putin” and “Putin’s government to resign” (the fact that such shares, organized and sponsored by many foreign funds have a place to be for quite a long time, proves once again that the West against Russia is an undeclared war on all the priorities, using all available in the arsenal of Western intelligence agencies tools and techniques).

It is hoped that as a result of an imminent collapse of talks within the Organization of visa-free regime with eu, wto accession and some of the other aimed at closer integration with the eu as a equal partner, common sense will prevail, and the Russian “elite” still remember the words of the great poet and diplomat, the past years – Fyodor Tyutchev (“As to it not to rot and gentlemen “), come to its senses and will connect their lives with arrangement of the Fatherland for the benefit of his children and all the peoples of Russia. Acaho is the source for more interesting facts. And certainly not in the interests of the power elite has been to bring the situation to the Russian riot – the senseless and ruthless. Indeed, in an organized through them “Grinder” and can cater for yourself. After it, I think the future can not already be for any of Russia. Act of time applies to all equally and, therefore, dissected and immersed in the darkness of the Middle Ages modern Russia, I’m afraid not withstand competition with the developed world powers and become part of other government entities and civilization, if by that time the world will not suffer provoked by the Office for the biblical concept of global biosphere, an ecological disaster, its consequences, questioning the continued existence of humanity on planet Earth.. Swarmed by offers, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is currently assessing future choices.

Programs Product

These thinking about initiating a business? Probably first it comes that you to the mind it is of what? , where? and how. If you are of the entrepreneurs whom already they have well defined his niche of market with a product and/or service, congratulations. Nevertheless, you can be one of the people who watched towards Internet to find a business opportunity, as it were my case, and not yet identify the business model would like that you to initiate your presence in Internet and wish to know what to choose or by where beginning? Then, forms exist in Internet innumerable to initiate a business that to you income generate, in this article I will only mention the 3 amplest and strong models of in the market: Programs of Affiliates It consists of promoting through the different Programs from Affiliates products and/or services of other people. This model is 100% direct sales llevndote a commission previously agreed with the owner of the product and/or service. In the great majority of the cases you do not require to buy the product and/or service to promote it, but exists the cases. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gavin Baker. The recommendable thing to be a successful affiliate is to know (if it is possible to acquire the product) for one better promotion. Trade of Networks Businesses also like well-known multilevel or network marketing.

These businesses have the characteristic of which you can generate, as much direct income through the sales of the product and/or service, like residual income through the construction of networks of affiliates. This model allows to help entrepreneurs who do not have the tools nor the knowledge to initiate an own business, reason why the Route of Transition is considered: Of Employee to more effective Industralist to do it. To develop to a Product and/or Own Service Either you could create or implement a product and/or service (physical or digital) and with the aid of the tools of Internet to expose it to an ample market the more and to practically automate the commercialization process.

First Campaign

As it were announced yesterday by corporative of Alvarez Puga & Associated (mainly within this space and the social networks of AP& A), initiates the first campaign of donation of toys for children and Mexican children of low resources. Of some form, the corporative hope that this one counts on a high degree of participation. It is not of mentioning more than in the present year, 2011, corporative Alvarez Puga & Associated it has bet strongly to stimulate to all the equipment that conforms corporative and the network of offices throughout the national territory, so that they cooperate with the Enterprise Social actions for damages that Alvarez Puga is impelling. Of the same form, AP& To it has undertaken a series of action of internal communication in which they make see his employees and Managers the importance of generating action with a social bond more fort. Boy Scouts spoke with conviction. When speaking with the personnel of Alvarez Puga & Associates, are well-known as he is becoming jumbled all the AP&amp equipment; To in mechanisms that impel the Enterprise Social Responsibility of of company. It is thus, that this first Campaign of Donation of Toys Alvarez Puga & Associates, have the purpose, as he says his name well to it: " Together by a Sonrisa" , to make smile to the greater possible amount of children and children. This campaign has started today and will finish the 31 of December. In 15 days of duration Directive and organizing of the campaign, they wait for " to break expectativas" they think that the results will be fruitful and that all the personnel who conforms corporative Alvarez Puga will contribute " its granite of arena" donating a specific toy as it the poster of the campaign that has begun to be placed in the offices. The important thing is that " Together by one sonrisa" it is a simple campaign, in which the personal one only must donate a toy, which as well, will mean the smile of a boy or girl who probably is not going to receive any gift this Christmas and day of Kings. With this, it is the personal satisfaction as much, of all those donors, like of all the equipment Alvarez Puga & Associates, to begin to develop this type of actions with contained fort social, that demonstrate that the Enterprise Social Responsibility is present more than ever as much in the Corporative one as in the diverse offices of the country. " Together by one sonrisa" it is a pillar more in the pyramid of action of social content that Alvarez Puga & Associated he has begun to fortify in this 2011 and that he will still more impel throughout 2012.


But it is better to prepare thoroughly: what if this does not happen. If he lacks the extremity, give it to him: a parachute jump, diving lessons, skateboarding, etc. There is another side to the coin. Give a man a piece of paradise. Calm quiet corner of nature, crystal clear streams, white lilies, a wooden gazebo, sandy soil under their feet, singing birds and a full Relax A working man, senior manager, an important boss of all those who have a responsible work related to the constant voltage appreciate such a gift. If a person is extreme, give him a tattoo that would remind you. Yes yes yes so. What would you like? Quality color tattoo is worth a lot of sweat.

If you, your loved one is away, organize a farewell party a surprise. Depart from platitudes with a banner and balloons. Do it, for example, in the style 80th or disco party can candy-party – that he was more like it. To dress accordingly style party, buy an interesting appetizer, invite the bartender, even arrange the show of freestyle, this is – fascinating! Turn on your imagination. Let everything will be "hyper" because it is – the last time! Return to the situation "Achtung", that is, the second is not desired, but a fatal In this case, you must consider: first, the state of the human body, and secondly, the level and dynamics of your communication with him (friendship, family, loved ones, with a slight chill), and, thirdly, it certainly is your willingness and desire.

Green Weddings

All the weddings imply a great organization, it always arises more details from those than one can imagine and if they are of the type of people with brings back to consciousness ecological can be even more estresante. Perhaps to organize a green wedding, can mean an additional cost but this effort for the environment will fill to you of satisfaction and can be of good augury for your marriage. What better decoration than the nature! , the beach, a farm, a botanical garden or a national park are places that do not require of flowers or adornments so that they shine incredibly. In order to avoid the use of as much paper them invitations and to save trees send your invitations by email, this separate one will save money enough, another idea is to make a page cybernetics in which you maintain to your guests to the day of the preparations, some change, suggested clothes and others, also are places where they print invitations to you in papers better recyclings or even, you yourself you can use these materials and do them you yourself giving loose rein to your creativity. In all the weddings always something like memory is #***aed-refl mng that later finishes in the being used sweepings instead of, an excellent idea is something organic and alive like little trees, seeds, bulbs or flowers.

Also you can give to a reminder food like chocolates. He is preferable to use set of dishes to the excess of sweepings that would produce plates and disposable places setting final y S.A. exceeded part of the banquet, you can donate the surpluses to a refuge of destitute. Details can be found by clicking David Bershad or emailing the administrator. Elije a dress of fianc2ee done with natural fibers and tries to use flowers of the local markets, not only you will reduce the fuel emissions by the transportation, but you would support the horticulturists of your community. In aim if you want separate that your desire to take care of the environment extends your guests I propose to you that instead of table of gifts you support the plantation of a forest and that each guest pays so that a tree seeds itself.


More so that the transition to a permanent (eternal) life is inevitable, as the collapse of capitalism. The future of society can only be deeply democratic (self) or no will in general, so why procrastinate what you can start doing now. The so-called democratic western society, as well as the fact that trying to implement in Russia has nothing to do with this, the real democracy. Our democracy figuratively called dermokratizmom and not without reason. The concept of communism, capitalism, socialism, in the minds of most people, discredited and cause negative emotions and associations, so propose to call the future model of social organization – social (social community) and reject those isms. Defined with some definitions to avoid confusion and to provide what was going on (taken from Encyclopedia). Democracy (in Greek "people power") – a political regime of the state or a political system in which power is exercised through direct democracy (direct democracy) or through representatives, elected by the people, or some part of the people (representative democracy).

The main sign of democracy is to ensure proportional representation in the power of the widest possible interests of the population, present in the country, as well as dynamic change of representative government, along with corresponding changes in those interests over time. Political power – the ability of one person or group of persons control the behavior of citizens in a society based on national or national objectives. Direct democracy (direct democracy) – forma political organization of society in which major decisions taken directly by citizens; direct exercise of power by the people in the national and local levels, various forms of decision-making by the population overall and the local context, direct Legislating for the people.